Fortune, opportunity and making magic in 3 hrs of exam gets you thru!!!

I am tired, frustrated and irritated with the fact that i secured very less in all the MBA exams i attempted. I would have felt a little better if my mind did not keep telling me that you could have done well, you worked harder than some who scored better. And these are verified facts. I started preparing for CAT from june and my exam was on Nov4th. Almost 5 months and outcome 73.19%

😦 :(. And i prepared 20 days for SNAP whose aptitude is a cake walk as compared to CAT. But my bad luck was following me like my shadow, the logic section in SNAP which is supposedly the scoring part was tough and GK which is not my cup of tea at all had gone above my head. Got a score of 73 in snap… Ultimately screwed. Now this is my story.
Lets look at the study routines of my pals who scored whopping percentages ranging from 96 to 99. Let us assume my friends are A,B and C. A is gifted student and is amazing at aptitude, he worked, i would not say hard but yes there was dedication in his preparation. He scored 99.83, mind blowing is it not but still upset since his quant scores are not enough for a call from A or C. But yes rest of IIMs he has an assured call and also a seat, he is impressible. Now coming to student B who got 93%, he did not work hard at all. He suggested that 3 days are enough to crack CAT. But still 93 and 73 as compared to 3 days and 5 months and student C claimed to have given 2 full days of preparation and he got 96%.
PS: All of them attended parties, went clubbing, matches but still did much better than me.
Now the biggest question for me is where i am lacking in my preparation, do i have the potential or i don’t have. Should i prepare again or leave it for a lifetime?
I might console myself for a few days by telling that i did my best but i had a bad luck but i know truth is my strategy, planning and preparation.. all backfired. But on positive note and more confidence i have given a start again, and lets hope  next time even i can say “Dude attitude is all that matters, with a pinch of luck and hard work 🙂 “

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