Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna phir bhi i don care

Beautiful lines from the song of the movie Amar Prem, how true were these lines. How many of us live our life just like the way we want to, and don’t care about what the world thinks and are indifferent to the what the society says. In this blog i want to put across when should one care and also about the don care attitude of people.

It all started bothering me when my friend was scared to go to hangout nearby his house with me, lest his relatives would spot him and cook stories. Please stop this crap and give me a break. Going out to eat something is not wrong, then he told me that not everyone would think how you are thinking, that got me thinking if we really change our world the way the world likes it.

Right from when our day starts till when our day ends there are so many situations when we think “if i do this what will people say” at least for me this happens many a times, my actions are triggered and catalyzed,most of the times  by the comments and thoughts of what people around me would say.

Lets say you am wearing a bright top and someone just tells you, your t shirt color hurts my eye, even if that guy is not from your near and dear, i can bet that you would avoid wearing that top and even if you do, you will always be cautious. Some people might argue telling that i don give a damn of what some X thinks of my clothes, i like it il wear it, but do we really stop caring?

For another instance, you are meeting your friend, going for movie, lunch and shopping, how many of us confidently tell at home that “Mom i am going with him to see the movie and will finish my birthday shopping also, (if you are a she), he would pick and drop me, so you don worry”, how many of our mothers will say a happy yes to it? Not many, we all agree we are in the 21 st century but still we all care what the society will say, what your neighbor would presume if you are on a bike with a guy who is genuinely just a friend?

And i would like to quote one final example of food. Imagine two situations, one you are eating in a hotel or a buffet with your family and another is a official lunch, how different will your conduct be in the both the situations. Right from how you sit , how you eat to even what you eat is sometimes decided by the people around.

Sometimes i wonder that people like me, who are still not out of their shell face dilemmas in the above situations but no matter how much one roams with the I don care board on his face, people care of what others say.

Personally i feel till the time one is doing right one should not be scared, one should really not care. Going out with a friend is perfectly fine till the time both of you know of each other’s intentions, wearing any kind of clothes is cool and in vogue till you are comfortable and you know how to carry it, eating anything is fine even at official lunches because if you don eat well, you will sit hungry :). The thing is no matter how cautious and conscious we are about we do, log toh baat banaenge kyunki logo ka kaam hai kehna 😉


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