Lets help the “not so lucky ones” Please

I have always loved to teach, be it my classmates or friends or my siblings. But very recently, did i realize the true happiness one gets out of teaching, when i went to a government school called “Sarvodhaya vidyalaya” in in malkajgiri in Hyderabad. My companies runs a program to support many social causes,under which employees go to schools, orphanages to teach little children for a few hours in the weekends.  It is not mandatory and is done by some of them out of their interest. I jumped to take part in the program when i got to know about it. It was one of my best choices in life. I went to the school and was assigned the 5th standard. I was a bit scared initially thinking such noisy children would trouble me so much, but things turned out just the other way. I stepped into the class and they all(about 50) got up and greeted me with their sweet voices telling “gooooddddd mooorninnnggg madammmmmmm” hhehehhe, yes this is what they told me. I got very happy and i was all charged up. They asked me which subject text book i want and which subject i wanted to teach but this was not my way.  I asked each one of them one by one to step forward and introduce themselves to the class and me. I taught them the right way and gestures of giving ones introduction so that they would be able to put it use someday in their lives. That day ended that way and i decided from next time il be prepared and impart them all the required skills. So the next time i taught BODMAS, next time it was application of physics in real life, next was drawing and painting.. and it went on. I have ended up being one of their favorite teachers, and i am really proud of this position.

It gives a lot of pleasure, and I am sure a lot of reading this blog of mine many of you are relating to me. So buck up and reach out to the nearest government school and give happiness and get true love in return. After all they are all like you and me, but just a little less lucky.


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