Not really revolutionary was Revolution 2020

Title: Revolution 2020
Author: Chetan Bhagat                                                                                                                 

Publisher: Rupa & Co.
Price INR 140
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 2.7 on 5

“Love.Corruption.Ambition” are the words under the title of chetanBhagat’s most recent book “Revolution 2020”. These 3 words were properly justified by him in his book but the title was not apt or may be i could not get the purpose of naming the book so.

It was 9th november when one of my favourite authors the man himselfChetan Bhagat was in the city of pearls, my city Hyderabad. I was thoroughly impressed by his first book “five point someone” and also read the rest of them. So i made it a point to go to Landmark book store after office to see him. After reading his book i just had one question for “why did you name your book so”, he said both the male characters wanted to create a revolution.
The book is mainly a love triangle as the cover shows. The plot majorly revolves around a young 21st century girl Aarti and her best friend Gopaland her boy friend Raghav. As every novel of chetan, the girl is very pretty and undoubtedly both the guys have a thing for her. While Gopal does not make a career but still opens up a college through a corrupt minister, Raghav gives up a blue collar job after IIT and becomes a journalist to fight a war against corruption . Itnacontroversy kyun hai. Aarti initially does not have any feelings for Gopal and refutes his proposal many a times, since she likedRaghav, may be because he was then going to IIT but later when Gopal has a college and Raghav is a struggling journalist,Raghav ignores her and she falls for Gopal. Aarti appears to be a mean, snobbish girl who needs money to live her life and not love, but common lets be practical, like every girl she wanted someone who would give her a secured future and also love, to be happy. So when Raghav ignores her amidst his battle against injustice, she falls for someone whom she knows very well. Quite natural. Meanwhile the corrupt principal Gopal, and the fighter against corruption, Raghav develop a rift between them. After a lot of fights Gopal has a self realisation and feels that Aarti deserves someone better than him and not someone as cheap and corrupt as him, so he sacrifices his love to Raghav.
Though Raghav is the clean gentleman of the story, Gopal the bad guy emerges as the true hero of the story like all stories ofChetan Bhagat. All in all its just in lines of all other books of chetan,very predictable but yet holds you till the end. If you are a fan of love stories and bollywood movies you will like the book, but literary value is not much in the book. I personally like his books but yet think he could have given a better name to the novel. Read it on train trip or when you want to add a pinch of romance to life.

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