Online shopping:A new horizon to window shopping

Flipkart,Ebay,,Fashion and You, Zoomin, India Plaza and innumerable number of sites are today used a lot of people to order items online. I was unaware of all of this and my dad always told that its not safe to buy anything online and that is what i firmly believed till i saw people ordering stuff online and getting pretty good things at comparatively very less prices. Being a girl i automatically got attracted to a lot of online websites for clothes.

Everyday morning its a habit for me and a lot of my female colleagues to open these websites and keep looking through all the products on sale, right from kurtis, sandals to clutches and we have the site open so that the moment we feel bored of work and we can do a little window shopping and get refreshed. We end up spending around 2 hrs daily on this, though we don’t buy much firstly because we find things we like overpriced and secondly because we are not sure if the kurta we buy will if fit it, whether suit us.

I have ordered a couple of things online and they have turned out to be good. And i trusted these sites because my colleagues had also bought stuff from there, first one was pens with your name engraved on it, ( and photo book with your pictures imprinted on them in a nice and colourful manner ( I would personally recommend the second site for photo books because not only is the product good but the product is shipped within 2 or max3 days.

One of my friends Rachana, ordered a Jhola bag which looked at its best on the site but when she finally got it after a  long wait of a month, it was nothing bigger than a palm and was dull in shade and absolutely nothing close to the one on the site. Today i had a tough time with the Fashion and you site, i tried ordering a kurti for my mom for her birthday. So what happened was, i added the kurti to my cart and tries to check out, it asked me for the billing and shipping address, i gave it for 10 times and it still it would come back to the same page again, and at the end the sale got closed and i could not buy the kurta, and since i really liked it i thought il contact the customer care for help, but ended up finding some very shocking feedback about the site, i would not like to comment much on this but give you link a few links, ( ,( for the benefits of my dear friends who are big online shoppers (Swathi, Rachana, Divya, Ramya).

All in all i think trust these sites when you are sure of the product and don’t end up spending more than a limit, because money once gone will not come back, do not let these them lure you.

Be a smart shopper.


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