Why did i fall sick

“Health is Wealth” sounds very Cliché right? But guys its true and if you fall sick trust me on earth,you will not like anything is this world,be it the Kohinoor diamond or your boyfriend’s kiss.The only thing you can ask for is your mother’s lap and her warmth.You might not have asked anything from god,but now you will.

why am I lecturing you guys about health and stuff because obviously i fell sick..Last saturday my brother had high fever and i was proudly advicing him about what to do and what not to do.But it was my day the next day sh*t!!!.I had a thoda sa fever in the morning,then I over estimated myself and thought could go for a movie and i went. Ha my mistake,was shivering in the A/C theatre.Came home and i had a temeperature of 104 degrees, my dad pulled me to the doctor,and he gave me an injection…my worst fear.But trust me the temperature dropped,i was more than happy,but that was not it.I could not get up from my bed the next morning,bunked college and sat on the bed for about two hours in the same place,in the same position. This problem is till persisting though my temperature has gone down..I just hope im alright by tommorow.

So all you people “please stay healthy” cause nothing is gonna wait in this life and you might be left behind in this race of life..take care


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