It was a fun day with my little friends -Many paper roses,a chocolate and Kolaveri :)

It was time again to visit my little friends from the school whom i visit mostly on all saturdays as a part of my company’s initiative. I was so happy to know that all these little angels(some were naughty monsters) remembered my name though i visited them after a long time due to school remaining close on account of Telengana bandh and exams.

The moment i reached i greeted them with a dialog i picked up from the movie “Stanley Ka Dabba” , a lovely movie, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Yes i had to explain for quite some time what it meant but they paid attention to what i said, and that is all that mattered, in between all this a little uniform clad girl reaches out to me with a paper rose very nicely made, and it was smelling of her love for me and innocence in her heart.

Since the principal was adamant that we teach something of their syllabus i thought of taking a simple topic, yet important “geometry”. I thought of teaching the different type of angles(acute,obtuse and right) and as per me gave a amazing definition, and they nicely repeated after me showcasing their skills of mugging stuff which is poured into them right from day1 at school. Then it was time for some exercise and to my surprise they could not answer a single question, it was then i realized that the teaching method had to be different. So i used 3 kids to show what is right, acute and obtuse angles and i had to use kids from both genders to make them properly understand. But i was satisfied when they answered questions right.

Ad-mist all this was a girl digging into her bag and after sometime brought me a lacto king chocolate :), this made my eyes moist, how many times do we offer anything to anyone for that matter and here i was almost a stranger to them, and on the other end a girl and boy were busy in their fight, huh!! if it was difficult to pull them apart but who can stop them.

Then it was time for another adventure, they all got busy talking amongst themselves when someone asked. “teacher you have Kolaveri song”, and i had it. And the moment i played it, all of them sung along with Dhanush, I must say Dhanush and Anirudh had really spelled magic with those words. It was amazing, the song was never so much fun before.

Then some ten kids bought paper roses for me and they all surrounded me and started teaching how to make one, i found it indeed difficult to make one.

It was the most beautiful start to my wonderful weekend.It somehow feels very good when we put a smile on others faces, sounds cliche but it is TRUE. 🙂


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