Love marriages are made here, on Earth :)

With valentines day around, and so many days like Rose day, kiss day, hug day and even teddy day( popping around everywhere, i thought i should add a pinch of love in my blogs. In school till my tenth standard i never even knew what a crush means but now, i guess i know all the levels of crush, infatuations and various stages before one actually falls in the miraculous feeling LOVE.  This love has shown me a lot of the true world and ironically the true hatred i got from people i least expected.      

The love bug stung me when i was in my 8th standard and was studying in a CO-ED school for the first time, i assumed i was pretty and a princess in his eyes but to my bad luck, he had a different idea of his girl in his mind and that was definitely not me. But he was my first crush so i stayed sincere  for about 3 years or you might say i did not identify the guys who could have worked for me, what ever happened, happened for its own good, because now he no longer looks like a greek god to me.

Anyways i would share love stories of mine, i have a bunch of them some other time but now i guess il stick to what i wanted to talk about, intercaste love stories.  We all must have fallen for someone

 who is not from our religion, our caste,  or may be just speaks another language at home.

It is very natural, if you  are staying in a city where people  different from you in terms of caste or creed stay then it is bound to happen that you find a guy or girl who is cute, handsome or someone you wish to share a conversation with not necessarily an intent to have a relationship with exists. And a very obvious consequence is they are not from your community, to you it will appear so what if he does not communicate in your mother tongue, your family members are there for that, you can communicate with him right, that’s all that is required.

And then you happily get into a relationship since you see nothing, absolutely nothing wrong in it, after all he loves you, you love him and that is the only prerequisite is complete, but do our elders look at it that way. Well if your parents do then you are fortunate and if they don’t even then consider yourself lucky for parents who are being protective and assuming you cannot adjust later with their talking and food habits. But i have seen a lot of  couples who are happily married and have kids who are multi lingual. And when we have someone of that sort in our peer group we tell “wow you are lucky your parents will understand”. But even the other parents who do not understand will gradually do when they see their kids happily married, and realise the fact that love is supreme and love marriages are made here on Earth.

After all we can’t roam with a tag. “I am a $$$$$$$ and need a $$$$$$ as my groom and ******* is strictly not allowed. 🙂


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