Its gonna be love, its gonna be great, its gonna be more than i can take :)

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One of the most romantic movies i have seen is “A walk to remember” based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. Though i am romantic movie buff and have seen almost all high school love stories, this one touched my heart.The movie is woven around a very simple plot, boy meets girl , do not fall in love initially but then they do and then they grow so passionate about each other and then Boom  the girl is diagnosed with leukemia. The guy and the girl are shattered, helpless. But the way the story is carried out is most amazing. Its about how an unruly, charismatic and famous high school boy Landon falls for the Reverend’s daughter Jamie who is an epitome of good behavior and love and goes out in the night to a graveyard to see stars and planets.

Its remarkable to watch how the Landon grows in her love and does every possible thing so that she witnesses a miracle. There is a lot to write about the movie, but this is not a review but an effort that all you guys out there who have fallen in true love and those who hope that one day they will, to go and watch the movie. The movie can be easily found and one of the most melodious songs is “Its gonna be love” by Mandy Moore who has given her voice and also is the lead actress in the movie.

Couple of my favorite scenes from the movie are

1.When bad pictures of  Jamie are printed on pamphlets and distributed in school by Landon’s Ex, Jamie is all shattered and runs back and falls  into Landon’s arms and thats the same feeling when you fall in the arms of your love.

2.When Landon imprints a Butterfly Tatoo on Jamie’s shoulder and looks at her with immense love, you will eventually either fall in love with Landon or Jamie or start imagining yourself there. 🙂

3.When Landon hugs her on her hospital bed and Jamie passes away in his arms.

Jamie never died but will live forever in his heart, might sound cliche but when you watch the movie you will say the same. Valentines day has gone but every day is a new day to celebrate love.