Lets drink a glass of life, get a few tips and also know one of the safest medical experiments :)

Drinking water is good for health is a very cliche phrase, we all know that but i guess they are a group of golden words. You all must be thinking that we already know drinking water is good for our skin, digestive system and what not, why on earth are you telling us? Well the answer is being a good person i wish good for all 🙂 🙂 and dont want any of you to end up having stones in your bladder and all 🙂 lol kidding, but ya on a serious note, this blog post goes out to all of those people who are like me, and consider drinking water as the biggest burden.

But the past year and a couple of diseases which threw me on bed for 3 to 4 weeks has taught me the importance of water in true sense. It was on Aug 28th 2011 when all i wanted from my life was to get well. It had been a week since i had been complaining of indigestion and lack of apetite and my doctor(The Gastroentrologist) had tried giving every possible medicine for clearing my food pipe, but nothing was helping at all. Not even a bit.

So my doctor had to use his last invincible method, which was “Endoscopy”, still gives me shivers. 😦 :(. But getting well was my top priority and felt that i can do anything to atleast figure out what has happened to me, so on a monday morning i went to the hospital, he took me to a special room which had a lot of fat cables and a TV and a bed. He told me to lie down and two helps came with a syrup and bottle cap in their hands. My doctor kept telling me, its a “safe experiment” so dont worry, every time he told that, my anxiety and fear would multiply. The lady help came and told me drink the syrup and swallow it, it tasted like S**t , ok it was like chalk powder, god knows how we ate slate pencils in our childhood. Then she took the bottle cap and tied it around my head, i did not clearly understand its purpose till my doctor took a FAT CABLE (one which is used as telephone cable) which also had a camera attached to it and tried to put inside my mouth through it, so that it holds it. He had not even put it to my throat and i had started choking, and yes my doctor had already started telling me its a safe experiment and then the pipe was being lowered through my throat and he kept saying” swallow it, take the pipe inside” and i went to hold his hand just as self defense because he was killing me, and then he says, “no don hold my hand”… and then he says “im almost done, now i just have to take out the pipe”, was he kidding me??. But yes it was fortunately done, i suruvived this murderous attack, i did not choke to death and it was indeed a safe experiment. But to add to my doctor’s and my agony, my stomach was clear, there was no ulcer or whatever he was predicting, which meant the whole Experiment was of no use…

<<The disease>>

He referred to another doctor and said she will treat you properly, oh ya before that i had my blood and urine tests and my bilrubine rates were higher than normal, who knew that in medical terms it meant i had got Jaundice, it was like saying “voldemort” in Harry porter.. The second doctor was a lady doctor and she was an expert in treating Jaundice cases.From then started the second hell from me, my mother gave me completely bland food, she was more strict than the doctor. But the only consolation was i know what is the disease and it will be cured :).. Cant leave my optimism behind. The doctor told me that due to less intake of water i developed the infection which in turn led to Jaundice and then i had promised myself from now on what happens i will drink as much water as possible, but as they say “Once we are alright we forget all our promises” and ya i eventually got better after 3 weeks of bed rest. I had blood tests for 5 times and the good part is i lost the phobia of injections.. My positive part rises again.

But now i feel all the fears i underwent when i was suffering that what if it was a stone in my kidneys, Operations, injections, drips ….. so it really is easier to drink water rather.


If you just want to see the importance of drinking water, just have a look, it also makes your skin Glow 😀


<<Tips to drink water>>

I am sure a lot of you feel lethargic to drink water, especially the ones working in IT firms, they hardly leave their desks, and eventually end up drinking very less, so i have a few easy tips.. and it really works,:)

* Keep a bottle full of water in front of you and drink water every time you see it, It will not cause any harm apart from the fact that now you will go to the Loo often 🙂
* Whenever you see someone drinking water, make it act like an alarm and drink water again.
* And if you are not willing to get a bottle then drink minimum two glasses of water from the water filter so that when you go to the loo you again see the water filter and drink water..The process continues 😀

After all its Staying healthy is the best gift, whenever you have water think you are having one glass of life and moving 3 miles away from hospital :)… Stay healthy




4 thoughts on “Lets drink a glass of life, get a few tips and also know one of the safest medical experiments :)

  1. Hey Madhu.. really well written.. i could see that you improved a lot from your first blog post 🙂 narration is interesting and i liked the line “whenever you have water think you are having one glass of life and moving 3 miles away from hospital”. Keep it up 🙂

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