Love,Friendship,Angst,Relationships,Longing….all captured so well in Urban Shots :)

Title: Urban Shots
Editor: Paritosh Uttam                                                                                                         

Publisher: Grey Oak- Westland
Price INR 145
Genre: Contemporary Indian Fiction/Short Stories
Rating: 3 on 5

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Lets say you get to choose between a bar of chocolate as a gift or a box packed with chocolates, which one would you pick? I would pick the box because it would be a lot of sweet surprises packed together. And if you too were going to pick the same as me, then Urban Shots would work very well for you. It has the very cute Kainaz on the cover page which confused me a little, i thought ,Is the book on her ? But no, turns out be she is just a writer and has contributed a amazing piece to the book.

It is a very thoughtful and beautiful collection of stories. Personally i am an ardent fan of love stories and keep on reading them. In fact i read this book too in my train journey to Chennai. And the best part is all the 28 stories are of 2-3 pages each so one can easily finish each one in 10 minutes.

But the only problem is writing a review for such a book because, if i choose one story and write about it, i would be doing injustice to the rest. So i thought i will pick my favorite, each from all the parts and mention about them.

My favourite from relationships would be “Hope comes in small packages” by Kainaz Motivala, its a  short tale of a woman who loses her baby and her world shatters, she herself creates a world where she sees only unhappiness and sorrow. Then one day she finds a pup and in some form or the other her world starts rebuilding and she realises that Happy moments actually come in small packages. Its all upto us to get over our sorrow and see the good part of Life.

“Love in a fast lane” is my pick from Love. Its something which all of us live in day in day out. Love is a pure and serene feeling, but today may be its diluted and couple of us dont find happiness in just one person, they either get bored or feel they need a change but they also don let their girl friend or boy friend go since they need a backup. But this story gives a practical take on this situation, when the partners who are being cheated decide to move on and enjoy their life as they like, Love you Manpreet.

Moving on is one story very close to my heart because i was in the shoes of the protagonist of the story “Saira” at a very young age in my life. You love a person with all your heart, you do everything for the other person and he just walks away and thinks only of his own self. Would you call him ignorant, indifferent or selfish, i guess indifferent because some person thinking that the other person is treating you so specially in his/ her life is only because they are friends is not something that i would buy. May be i am getting personal but i really like what Saira did and how she chose her happiness.

I have only one favorite in Angst and Longing is “Stick figures“. Its the most stupid act on the part of parents to punish their children for their personal problems, be economic or social. The little kid deserves attention becuase you brought him into this world and give him the power that he understands your problems. The last line of the story when Tarun places his hand on his mother to feel his sister and his mom shoos him away brought tears in my eyes.

Though the authors come from varied backgrounds,they have shown so much of consistency in their writings. They have a pleasant style of writing and the language they used is also simple.The narration style is awesome.Hats off to all the 13.

The phases of love, relationships and Friendship are captured very well and i guess everyone who would pick up the book would be able to relate atleast one of the characters. They all are different and just one among us be it Karishma’s or Zoya’s story, i was wondering why no one wrote inspired from true stories. I am now a big fan of Paritosh Uttam, for his stories really touched my heart.

Personally i did not enjoy much of Longing part of the book,may be because i could not relate to them or because the depth of those stories were beyond my understanding. I did not find them gripping.

All in all its a lovely book and it can be your best friend on along journey or day a home when you feel nostalgic. It can also be a nice gift to someone who enjoys fiction close to life. Thumbs up for the book and a bigger thumbs up to Blogadda for giving me such a nice combo of stories.

If you want to go ahead and grab a copy you can go to I think Flip Kart is safe(from experience) and you get it for cheap.. Just to help. :).. You are the best judge anyways.

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