The train affair ;). Episode I

Right from my childhood,train journeys have always been dear to me , be it “Chai –Kaafeee” , “Samosa, Vada, Puri” , the noisy chatter of the co passengers, all of it just adds to awesomeness of the journey. But one thing had changed from my childhood, since i had started travelling alone, I would see more co passengers giving stares and “not so friendly” looks at me. Initially things were uncomfortable to me but then I learnt to get used to it like other grils.

But the coin always has two sides, if you are getting a hint of what i am trying to arrive, just like I looked pretty to a few pair of eyes, some guys looked handsome to me too ;). And sometimes its just the way they spoke, that charmed me or it was plain looks.

It’s a story when I had aspirations of being a journalist or a reporter for The Hindu but all I ended up was being a Freelance writer, life is unfair, yes because though I had a degree from a premiere institute of Journalism, all I could manage was a job in FreeCons, a consultancy firm which gave ad reviews and also punch lines to a lot of popular brands on their website. They had hired me for creative wiring but I wanted to be heard. Though I was being heard but wanted it to be through my mouth, expressions and not a mere group of words on a website. But god had other plans and I had a stammering problem since my childhood and my mother was scared of any medical treatment, thinking my voice might get impacted more. So I never got a chance to speak I public.
Anyways I had gone to Gurgaon to attend a conference of big brands on their advertising theories, and FreeCons needed a review a.s.a.p. I needed to travel by train to Hyderabad and it was in the April month. My allowances did not let me afford an AC coach but I personally liked sleeper since I could peek out of the windows and get into my virtual world where I was speaking on the National TV on a burning issue. Well in the real world I was not talking but it was burning. I was too early to the station and was among the first to get into the train. The train seemed to be sending fire waves across to my face, I was just sipping my coke when he stepped on my feet and I shouted, and then realized his suitcase had crushed my feet. I did not even look at him and shouted “ Are you freaking BLIND”… and while I was telling that the coke in my mouth was kissing his face.
So eventually I was feeling guilty and I apologized but that creature did not even bother and just dragged his suitcase and kept it under the seat. He had a window seat and after locking his stuff he disappeared. When he came out of the rest room after washing his face, I really got a chance to look at those sharp features and his spiked hair and his dusky complexion. Yes he looked handsome. But now he was not even going to give me a second look, due to what had happened. May be after one’s break up one realizes that he/she is not the one anyone would like to go out with. And also every guy I saw I somehow felt he is exceptionally good looking. The train had started and my coach was full till then, there was another girl sitting diagonally to him and both of them passed glances on each other. My chances were even less than half then. But then I felt he was very rude to even deserve me. We all feel it about the other person when not given the due importance. The girl started a conversation with him after waiting long enough for him to start. I told you right he was rude and carried a big ego. Thanks to her I came to know he was working at an investment firm in Hyderabad and had come to Gurgaon to visit his parents.
I felt a little happy that may be I will get to see him again in Hyderabad. But eventually realized I was building castles about a guy I did not even know and looked more than good to have a girlfriend. All of us are in a relationship these days. At least most of us. I soon took out my book, my best company and plugged in my head phones and got immersed in the book.In no time I had slept on the book. By the time I woke up to my surprise he was looking at me and the moment we were eye in eye he immediately moved his gaze away confirming he was looking at me from quite some long. At least that gave me some peace that I was still good to look at.

The next morning I woke up by 5 unable to sleep anymore, twisting and turning on the sticky seat. Railways should cover up all their seats like the ac coaches. He was still asleep and he had changed into a bottle green t shirt and shorts. He still looked good but after admiring him for sometime I came back to reality. Soon I fell asleep again. And in no time it was 9:30 and the train had reached Hyderabad. I quickly took out my slippers and found a sticky note on it. I pulled it out and saw “SORRY  “ written on it, i turned it and saw “Karan” written on it. Probably his name.
When I got down at the station I was waiting to get a look at him and I saw him at a far off distance, I gave him a faint smile and could not see his reaction since I did not have my spects on. He walked away and the bottle green color got lost amidst different colors.

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