A calendar too crowded but still time for all.. That’s her

Title: A Calendar Too Crowded.                                                                                                      
Editor: Sagarika Chakraborthy
Publisher: Niyogi Books Pvt. Ltd
Price INR 295
Rating: 3.5 on 5

Daughter’s day, Mother’s day, Women’s day and many other days are celebrated around the world to celebrate the fact of being a woman and the uncountable situations a woman is put through every moment in her life. Well Yes, A calendar too crowded is book by sagarika chakraborthy where she has listed down the special days dedicated to the fairer sex now WOMAN.She has given heart touching stories to relate to every single day she mentioned in her book. These stories might be fictitious or may be true but i found most of them easy to believe since i could see myself, or my mother or sister or my friend in those situations.

Just to give a little insight to the book i would like to mention about one story which really touched my heart and made me think, i dont very clearly remember the day the story symbolised but it was about a mother, or may be all our mothers. She has bluntly put across the harsh truths about the Sacrifices a mother makes, or may be after reading her book, they dont seem to me as sacrifices anymore but rather the biggest mistakes of her life. The mother right from the time she conceives she bears pain, when the child is born and old enough about ten years or so, good enough to take care of himself, since a 12 year old kid watches the dishes in many or your homes. But rather the mother assumes that he is still her small baby on her lap. Right from waking up three hours earlier before him to make his lunch, iron his clothes, give him a bath, feed him with breakfast, listen to his taunts, arguments with a pleasing on face to taking him to school, writing his notes, waiting to give his lunch, washing his dirty clothes, eating his leftovers and also finishing his homework to putting him to sleep and sleeping 3 hrs after him since she even has a husband whose needs have to be fulfilled. So in short ,a day in a mothers life is actually a day spent completely on her child and her life is LOST somewhere in between and what is her ROI on that. If fortunate she might have a own house or else she might have to spend her hardest days in a old age home without anybody’s support.


After reading this respect for my mom has crossed all leaps and bounds and i have promised myself that no matter what i would stand by my mother. This story is just a piece of the delicious cake for readers who enjoy simple language and homely stories. Some stories are disturbing but awakening. Pick this book up if you really wish to know why one should look up to every woman in their life.

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