Will Anita ever get married in this way too modern world where people don’t love anymore.

Title: Marrying Anita-A quest for love in New India                                                                        
Author: Anita Jain
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Genre: Travel,Love, Quest
Rating: 4/5

You are a 30 odd woman and belong to a very conservative Jain family and for some unfortunate reasons you are not yet married. Every girl will relate to the pressure from family and from inside to find a husband, get married and have a happy family life she was under going then.

And for Anita life was even more difficult since was a brought up in northern California, had a western mindset but still her roots were Indian. She had been through fluctuating relationships, one night stands , true love, boozing and all but still she could not find a man she really wanted to marry and if she did it was too late by then. Her parents had always been supportive and had brought her up with  a lot of freedom and not instilling any conservative notions in her mind. She was a free bird. She had a lot of feathers in her cap-  Harvard Educated, a successful journalist in many countries being  some of them.  Looking at her profile it seems as though finding her a husband would not be a difficult task atleast in India.

Anita too thought the same and was tired of waiting her French, Russian or Italian boy friend to call her back. She believed that her India had people with true emotions and not just thirst for Sex. She too wanted to relieve her parents of the pain of having an unmarried daughter who had already crossed the so called suitable age. she too wanted a loving and sincere husband. There began her quest for love through arrange marraige.

With a lot of hopes in heart she came to India, but is highly disappointed to see that Gen X in her country has progressed way too forward under the western influence and all that men and women are looking for is, easy drinks, smokes and sex. Reminds of the movie Love Sex and Dhoka some how.

Anita meets a lot of men, younger and older, some straight, some gay through mutual friends and a lot through Matrimonial websites. But somehow things have changed but she is now hellbent on finding a Man for herself and will go to any extent for that. But choosing a husband is tougher than a choosing a dress to wear in a party where your crush is coming(trust me that too is difficult). Its for life long and Divorce is not a wishful decision. So should she hurry or sit back and wait for her stars to be in the right place? Will she find her husband in this new India? Will her book have an happy ending? Only her book will tell that. 🙂 :).. Grab a copy for that. 😀


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