Is Perfection=Happiness?

For all those who want to be perfect or are in search of a perfect guy or girl in your life..

When I used to comb my Barbie’s hair, put on her clothes, I used to wonder one day il grow up to have the perfect face, figure as that of my doll. Well my dream almost came true, just that I am some inches more than the perfect, my features are not so chiseled and yes im not perfect. But if I would have been perfect would I have been happy?

Well I might have had a few more boy friends and a lot of fan following in my school and college, but may be my fans would have forgotten me when they saw another Barbie. 🙂

I am sure lots of you people will agree to what I say next, I always wanted a guy who is smart(passed out from a premiere Institute) , intelligent, a cricketer, a tennis player(cricket and tennis as his pass time games), plays football like Ronaldo and of course plays the guitar and sings for me …may be for all I need, I should have had a machine, which lets me feed(like selecting check boxes) and then the moment I click on the create button I get the guy manufactured.But do you think it will be fun that way?.. Sometimes may be its fun and adds new challenges in your life when you open the Pandora’s box.

But on a serious note, I have a very close friend at my work place who is almost Perfect. He is in his early thirties, single but yet much happier than men of his age group who are married, not that I have something against those married, but he has his own definitions to be happy. Everyone has their idea of happiness. He wakes up by 5(something i might never be able to do in my Life), goes to the gym everyday(again a tough task), comes home and cleans his car(yet again a NO NO), comes to office, reads, codes, cracks the biggest PJs in the world and yet is very happy about his life.

I say he is happy because he never cribs about anything in his life, but yes whenever I meet him I CRIB about almost everything in my life. Love this Quote below

I whine about my work, my looks, my life and my prospects. And at times I feel wish i had stuff as organised as he has in his life or for that matter any perfect person’s life.  But then i realize would I really be my own self if try to be perfect, if I get the right job, great looks, right guy?. I strongly believe that no matter how I am, how I deal with problems, how much I crib, how much I cry and laugh, my parents, my friends, my pet will always love me. They will never complain about me, just like I like my close ones just the way they are in their lives.

It’s always our choices, our decisions which make our life and no matter how imperfect or perfect it is, I love my life and myself and only this matters.

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3 thoughts on “Is Perfection=Happiness?

  1. Nice writing Madhu.. You are YOU beacuase of what and how you are 🙂
    And to all those who keep finding faults, tell them for god’s sake “LET ME BE ME”

  2. So true! real life experiences are interesting to read and relate to 
    I remember one line after reading your post.. A perfect couple is someone who enjoy their differences/ imperfections instead of trying to be an ideal couple

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