“Shor in the city” is definitely not Shor :)…Its a complete entertainer.

DirectorsKrishna D.K.Raj Nidimoru

WritersKrishna D.K. (story), Raj Nidimoru (story)

StarsSendhil RamamurthyTusshar Kapoor and Nikhil Dwivedi

IMDB: 7.4

Yes!! I know the movie was released long back and did quite well but somehow went unnoticed (this is what, happens mostly, with the good movies), but i watched it today and after very long i saw a movie which caught my attention for the whole of it and definitely deserved a review.

The movie centers on the story of 3 young men in the city of dreams and crime, “Mumbai “, all of whom have very different lives, are very unique individuals but still when you watch the movie, you would never feel it’s 3 stories put together, but rather feel 1. And as all of you know many directors (big names) have failed when they have tried to assimilate the magic of many stories together, and on have blamed their failure on the lack of depth in the audience who has failed to understand their movies. But SITC(shot for “shor in the city”) has captured the lives of these men and Raj Nidimoru(Director sahab) has so well knitted them together and the linking he gave just did not seem unreal.

If i talk of the main protagonists of the movie, we have an NRI who wants to start a “chotabusiness which may not seem as a very difficult task but he is harassed by a group of extortionist who start tracking him and following him everywhere he goes just because they want to earn some easy money and he becomes an easy target. Well they under-estimate their prey and pay for it. Loved Senthil Ramurthy for his natural performance.

The next guy is hamara “Tushar kapoor” whom i must say is a good actor. His journey in the film industry may not have been very good but he has done justice to his roles. This guy is a simple and a very genuine person. He runs a “Publishing house” or i would say “A second-hand  publishing house” who sell books at a much cheaper rate than the big book stores. I actually have bought a lot of books like that :). He helps his friends in petty crimes though strongly believes in Nonviolence. His life overturns when he reads Alchemist and realizes the true meaning of life. The performance of his friends is worth mentioning too.

And our last story is about a young aspiring cricketer, “Sawan Moorthy” who is stuck between corrupted selectors who promise him to take him into the team if he bribes them and between his girl “Sejal” whose parents want her to get married ASAP. He plans to rob a bank, though he does not rob it, he still gets the money but does not bribe. I somehow felt this cricketer to be Ambati Raidu, though it’s not his story but still found a few similarities. Not to hurt any feelings here.

There are no big names in this movie but yes there are small names doing big roles. Worth watching, take some time out and watch it. You would not regret, after all a movie has to hold to you for just 2 hours. And this one does it brilliantly well.

Image courtesy:http://wogma.com/movie/shor-city-review/

Rating and details:IMDB


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