Rummm Rumm Rumm oh Whisky… ;) ;) ;)

Movie:Vicky Donor

Stars:Ayushman Khurana,Yami gautam,Anu kapoor.

Madhu Stars: 4.5/5                                                                                                                      

Vicky donor tusi kamal kar diye 🙂 :).. Keep it up Ayushman Khurana, well done great job. Not only did he act well but his song “Pani Da Rang” takes you to another world. I read that he composed it in the early times of his college.

Vicky donor a very simple story with an extra ordinary theme, its about a “Sperrem donor” as Dr Chadda(Anu Kapoor) puts it across.  Sounds very wierd, that can one earn money by donating his sperms, but yes it does mean a lot to people who cant conceive and this is what seems to be the message of the movie. The movie takes a steep turn when the biggest sperm donor cant…..Na i wont tell you, go watch the movie.

I think every actor in the movie just did his/her best and played their roles so well be it dadi, dolly,pieshi(Yami’s aunt), and even chaman. But my personal favourites are Mr Chadda and Vicky’s Dadi. Dr Chadda who has a almost everything in his office which looks like a Sperm 😉 ;). He is an “Obsessed Sperm 😉 “. People who will watch the movie will relate to my previous line . And Dadi is the most modern dadi’s i have come across…:)…

And finally Vicky’s lady love is Ashima Roy(love to call her Oshima though), who is also called Tuna(A fish) is played by Yami Gautam, is very cute and did very sweet acting. Being a bong myself i know how much people taunt bengalis about their obsession with fish. I remember being called “Maach Bhat” (Fish Rice) 🙂 🙂 Funny times. Also a few scenes of Kolkata are very reminiscent.

One part which i disliked but also related and laughed about was when both the Punjabi and Bengali families were complaining of each other. I have seen it for real.

But i think its paisa wasool for both parties(Ayushman charms the girls and Yami woos the boys). All in all very good job done John Abraham, who is one of the producers and  has also done an item number in the movie. If you get a chance,Watch the movie.  Even you don’t still try to watch it. Feels good.

Movie is good and so is the music. : ) 🙂 🙂

PS: I kept adding lines in the blog 5 times after publishing, since every time i would forget to mention someone who did an awesome job in the movie.

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