I will miss you Rasana Girl :'(

This blog is a small tribute to you Taruni.

It was a very shocking and deeply saddening to see the news about the death of Taruni Sachdev, popularly known to us as Rasana girl. Yes she is the one who says “I love you Rasana”, not that i knew her personally but she was too little to face this harsh reality of life.

Her mother and she were the passengers of the chartered flight to Muktinath in Nepal which crashed on monday. Taruni had acted in a lot of Ads, movies(hindi, and also south indian). She was a a part of  BIG B’s movie PAA. It really feels bad when a little child with so much potential dies. Looking at the picture i get teary eyed. Such a cute child is no longer a part of this world. May her soul rest in peace and her father have the strength to bear the tremondous loss.

A little request to you god, if you are listening. Please don’t increase the headcount there in hell/heaven by taking away such innocent lives. RIP TARUNI.

Pictures courtesy:Google.


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