Is committing suicide being Coward??

“22-year old girl commits suicide”, when you see this headline in the newspaper, what do you do ? Think for a while. You either turn the page or you curse the dead person calling her a coward. You read the article and try and find out why she died, if she had left a suicide note, was she married…? and so on. Let us say she did not leave any reason/note for her death, we immediately conclude that she must have had a love failure. We also try to think of other reasons like she might have been fired at her workplace, she might have been in debts, there would have been parental pressure for marriage and so on. But still the reason of a love failure stands out. Why does a person become so weak only when he/she has a failed love affair?

Seeing a lot of people suffer around me, i observed that when someone gets dumped, or the other person does not wish to continue, one cannot do much about it, because then the person getting dumped will always cry and the person whom dumps feels so guilty that he almost makes it his responsibility that the other person gets over him. And in this process the weaker side suffers a lot and at one point, one is so heart broken and shattered, one feels dying will give a permanent relief.

Commonly all of us think that committing suicide is one of the most defeating, pessimistic,gutless thing to do. Its like running way from the situation. But i have something to talk in favor of those people(please note: I am not talking in favor of ending one’s life). The first thing is we all want shortcuts in our life, we all want an easy way out. Hence dying seems to be the most viable option, since you no one would scold you, you would not feel pain, and most importantly we also think that our essence will be realized. And when a person is in pain, trust me barring a few extra positive exceptions, we all would chose this option.

But one cliche truth is a person has to realize his value first and only then would others do. Don’t throw yourself  as a weak lifeless soul to someone and wait for that person to realize your value. That person never will. We all want someone who has self respect.

Killing oneself for getting less marks or being scolded by parents is plain stupid. One can always score better and besides you only have to pass, parents scold because they are parents. They cant be your friends all the time.

There have been a lot of times in my life when i have been through a tough phase, when no one around is able to understand the turmoil inside me, when i felt my life is meaningless may be because i lost someone, something. Then all i think of is my parents. They love me and i can vouch on that. I try and push myself away from the thought. I watch tv, especially movies, they have the capacity to hold you. And that is something which is most necessary at that time. If you can get a grip on yourself at that moment, you have achieved something that monks took hunderds of years. You will achieve self control. You can also paint, scribble or just write blogs, my way of self healing. You write it on a piece of paper, whatever you feel if you don’t want to tell this world what you feel. And when you write you can also curse, abuse the person, the thing that has hurt you. Human beings need to express, to be happy. Expressing them makes you feel light and happy. It works.

Getting a thought of ending one’s life is not getting defeated, in fact killing oneself needs a lot of bravery. But just think of that one person/animal who loves and will definitely miss you and drive away that thought from your mind.


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3 thoughts on “Is committing suicide being Coward??

  1. So.. Madhu.. did you write this post to overcome some frustration? just kidding 🙂 i agree with you.. any interesting hobbies or listening to music and being with family/ loved ones will sometimes prevent suicidal tendency. I feel that a person should value himself first, if he/she feels that they are important, they will never think of suicide as an option.

  2. I Have Had A Some Crazy And Confusing (Confusing And Crazy!) Moments In My Life During The Last Two Years Or So, (It’s Been About Two Or More Years Of The Same Old Crap, The SAME OLD CRAP!) I’m Tired Now. (I Am VERY Tired NOW!) Just About Everything From Having To Deal With Neighborhood Troublemaking Neighbors, To Having My Twin Sister Slapping Me On The Face! (Just About Everything From My Twin Sister Slapping Me On The Face To Having To Put Up With The Neighborhood Troublemaking Neighbors!) Yes, I Have Considered Killing Myself During The Last Two Years, Because I Just Could Not Deal! (Yes, Over The Last Two Years Or More, I Considered Killing Myself, Because I Just Didn’t Want To Go On Anymore!) No Body And No One (And I Mean No One And No Body!) Was Really There (No, Not Really THERE!) For Me! I Actually Have Wanted To Commit Suicide, Because This Life Won’t Tell Me How To Be Dammit! (Nope! This Life Isn’t Going To Tell Me How To Be, DAMMIT!) So Screw Off World, Just SCREW Off World! Stop Trying To Own Me You Authority! (Yeah, Stop Trying To OWN ME, You AUTHORITY!)
    leave me alone Leave Me Alone, LEAVE ME ALONE! you won’t own me, You Won’t Own Me, YOU WON’T OWN ME! from Gingerich Elise age 40 in Greenville Texas

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