The train affair…Episode #4. :)

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Patience always pays… but don’t ask the timelines :P. Little Kettle

It was almost a month after the heart breaking incident with Shikar, I got an email from him. He had tried to get in touch on phone quite a few times before, but i felt so small in front of him, that i stopped taking his calls or openly ignored him. My ego was hurt.



The email went like this,

To my cute train mate,

I have no clue why i am writing this email to you, or if this email would change your mind. I just felt it was important to let you know what i feel. Firstly i want to sincerely apologize for not turning up on our “Date” and behaving so indifferent with you though it was my fault. It somehow felt very difficult for me to ask for “Sorry” from someone whom i hardly knew, but yet i went ahead and tried to get in touch with you quite a few times. All the while you where taking revenge from me, for what i did unintentionally.  Whether you believe it or not, a guy takes very few things seriously in his life, and when he does, the other person should realize her importance ;). You came into my life like fresh breeze and just left without any notice.Its too hot, and i need the breeze back.. Ok that was a bad line but it just means, i am sorry, can we be friends again?



I was so happy to see his email that i did not care much what was written in it, i started pondering on the thought that how he got my email id, then i realized that he picked it from FB. His words “To my cute train mate,” started ringing in my mind and made me feel like i had won the battle. Yes for a moment that is what i felt. And then i realized i was being such a kid. I felt its time now i forgive him and get back to his life, so i quickly messaged him on his cell, telling “Its OK and we are friends”. I immediately got a reply “:)” from him.

He then asked me for my address, this was a little uncomfortable for me, because i really did not know him that well to invite him home, also my mom was not aware, of my little secret train affair. But it would be awkward to ask him “why”, just when i was pondering on these thoughts, my phone beeped again. He had messaged again, he told “chill i am not gonna kidnap you, just wanted to pick you up from your place, since this time i don’t want history to repeat” . I messaged back telling “if this time history repeats, there will be no cold war but a world war”.

Finally we decided a place and i ensured that it was close to the place we worked, so that we could meet after office. The place was called “The little Kettle”. I did not dress to my best, since i was scared to be very hopeful this time, i just wore regular clothes. I was done with work on time and reached  “The little kettle” to find him there before me. I gave him a smile and felt a little weird at this situation.


We started speaking of our work, life, families, and then finally our Ex’s. It initially seemed as though we were set up to see each other by our parents but slowly my true self was out, and i was yap yap yap all the time. He turned out to be a very patient listener.  We somehow clicked well together. There was a unsaid bond between each other , and we were already loving each others company. We did not even realize when it was past 3 hrs, he insisted on dropping me back home, but i was a little doubtful. Sensing my apprehension, he said he would wait till i get a bus to home. I happily agreed.  But after that what happened truly amazed me. He followed me till my bus stop. It scared me and also made me feel special. He was not the kinds who would stalk or kidnap me but still we hardly knew each other. I still trusted my instinct and let him drop me back home.

Life is so unpredictable at times. I never expected that the nerdy, rude, arrogant looking guy would someday follow me and drop me back home. I guess my happiness had no bounds because I had not expected any of this to happen.

Thank you Shikar. But the series of surprises had just started. I went home and opened his FB page and started checking his pictures as we all do. But life takes you on high and then drops you from sky. In one of the recent uploaded pics,  some guy was pouting out to him. What the hell!!!!.. Was Shikar gay??


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