Eve teasing…Any kind is disgusting….

I am writing this blog post with a lot of disgust, frustration and finally fear. This goes out to each of that guy who has ever teased a girl or has given dirty looks to any girl.

Let me be a little explicit and describe a situation of an anonymous girl, could be anyone. A girl named Riddhima an IT Professional and considerably pretty,travels everyday by share cabs to her work place. You all agree that it is peak summer and people everywhere are withering away like leaves in this season, so just like you guys can wear a light cotton transparent half shirt and save yourself from the heat, so can we, so our Riddhima also wears a thin cotton shirt, not transparent and a little short owing to the fact that she is fashionable, so while getting down from the cramped cab, with a heavy laptop bag on her back, her shirt goes up and the male jerks(teenagers, old uncles,) in the cab give her dirty looks. After she gets down from the cab they scan her everywhere, top to bottom. Even when i am writing this i feel disgusted.

You tell me if that girl was your sister or even your mother because even the aunties are not spared at times, will you not feel like breaking the on looker’s face? Singing “Chikney Chameli” to a girl passing by or trying to touch her , alone,  is not eve teasing. Giving cheap stares, looking at her as though you can  look through her clothes is a gross way to tease a girl.

We all believe that only the men from low class, indulge in such shameless behavior, but let me tell you, with 22 years spent in this world and being eve teased from passed 7-8 yrs, has taught me that educated citizens of our country also don’t stop shamelessly staring at a girl.

I do not know what guys discuss amongst themselves, but please stop calling girls, bitches, big mouths, sluts, because you guys talk of more sly and crappy stuff likes shapes of different things and take pleasure in all this.

I am sorry to all those people  who feel it is an offense to talk all this about the male community and girls should wear proper clothes and carry themselves decently, this is just a heads up, we know what to wear and how to walk, you close the x ray machines in your eyes and be decent yourself. Someday if you get caught thinking the girl belongs to the so called weaker sex, you might be hit by catwalk, mochi, msl, metro, bata and kolapuris. 🙂 :).

A girl is one of the most beautiful creations of god, after all imagine, god never gave the responsibility of carrying a baby within oneself to a man, he knew the power, strength and grace of a woman.  So next time you look at girl, give her due respect warna jhoota khaoge(or else you will get kicked).

Image Courtesy:Google.

PS:Pardon if you felt the language used was unpardonable.


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