Tin Fish-Book Review

All these days of my life I tried my level best to know what guys talk amongst themselves and Tin Fish is like giving you a young boy’s diary well edited and composed of hilarious episodes. Tin fish is a nicely composed story of fun filled and challenging incidents of four young lads studying at a posh boarding school. It’s about Brandy, Porridge, Fish and PT Shoe. Thinking how guys can have such weird names, well these are the pet names of Barun Ray(The hero J ), Sanjay, Pratap and another guy whose name I do not remember. I bet you too cant because after reading the book for some time, you too will feel more associated to Brandy and not Barun.
Yes giving pet names to people is a part and parcel of our lives and so is there’s especially because they are school going kids but every pet name has a story. Brandy a Bengali chap, is sent to Mayo, a boarding school at Ajmer, and Tin fish is one of his favorite foods (though I do not really know why the book was named so, may be because they relished Tin fish and it stayed with them forever). He gets ragged, but then ends up making the best of friends in his life: Fish, porridge, and PT Shoe.  They discuss of all things in this world, be it their hatred for kipling, Moraji desai’s Urine funda, zeeni baby(Zeenat Aman J). They are great company for each other in happiness and  in sorrow.
A lot of people gripe about Indian authors blaming their books to be very narrative, having very simple English, but surprisingly these are a few things which matter to me. I ask you how nice can a book get if it’s as though someone is narrating it you so expressively, and I really do not like sitting with a dictionary because of the excessive verbiage in some books. I like it simple.
Tin Fish did justice to both my needs. A few more things which stood out were the way the author captured the honesty and innocence in these adolescents is and how well the stark reality of death is handled by them. Ya someone dies. I do not wish to reveal anything more.
When they leave the school after their boards I was in tears because I can so well relate to the pangs of separation from my closest friends after my tenth boards.
Owing to my busy days I read the book in parts, which sort of spoiled the fun, so I suggest read major chunks of the book together if you really want to enjoy it. Also one thing which I strongly felt not so appealing about the book, is that the author has been too descriptive about many things, where the book drags a little. All in all it is a book which would be thoroughly enjoyed especially by guys, a little less by girls since we can’t relate much. Another revelation about guys is they too are very emotional at times. So if you wish dive deep into your old fun times with your hostel mates Tin fish is for you.
Keep reading, keeps you healthy
Time for my stars: 3.5/5.
A special note for the author: Tin Fish was a breeze man 🙂 🙂 🙂

Suspicion- An unavoidable stigma

Before i start saying anything, let me ask you a simple question, If a neatly dressed man comes to you and asks for 100 bucks to go back home, as his wallet has been knocked off, will you trust him and give him the money? Yes? No? Maybe?Most of us would say a No, since we all have been duped by someone or the other, or heard stories of people making excuses to make some easy money.

Now let me tell you where i am driving you to. I have been thinking over a past few days, about the trust we have on any other individual outside family, especially if you are a women. With so many kidnap and rape stories, one really does want to take a chance.

Now this suspicion has various categories, the first one is a little paradoxical. Its like when someone is being very good to you, smiles and talks to you, shows you extra care, we would grow suspicious. About what the other person wants from you, why is he being so kind? Have we forgotten that human beings are supposed to be nice to each other, but now its an unsaid rule to be careful if the other guy who could be an auto driver is being good to you. Even if his intentions are at its best not to harm you, its very difficult to believe.

The second one is a very common one. People coming to our place: could be a plumber, electrician or a delivery boy, how friendly are we with them? Every day we see incidents being reported about burglary at houses by robbers disguised as Delivery boys or salesmen. I am not sure who is at fault here. We cant trust them because of such incidents but if you just try putting yourself in their shoes, you would realize how bad it feels when another human being treats you like you are an evil person. We do not even offer water to them at times.

And the third kind is commonly misunderstood as possessiveness. In couples both young and old, the guy or the girl does not like it when their respective partners go out with someone else. They feel insecure, they doubt, they think their partner is giving more importance to another. Why are they suspicious, because a lot of people they know might have got cheated or they themselves might have been ditched before.

So we really do not know whom to blame. The mind is most of the times not in our control. We might be in a situation someday when we need money and our wallet would have been knocked off, we might knock on someone’s door for water someday, we might want to go out with our best friend whom our partner might not like. So what do we do in such situations? They may not Trust you just like you would not.

Life does not have answers all the time.

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The hope never dies…Hard times are a necessity

I have been accused of being sentimental, watching too many Bollywood movies, cheesy romantic stuff and also believing in fairy tale stories.

But that’s me, i have always enjoyed stories with a happy ending be it high school romances,one man fighting thousands of dead men single handed, etc., no matter how cheesy they appear to some.

Last few months have been hard on me, i have been struck hard by a few people’s behavior towards me, and it hurts the most when the most dearest ones to you  turn their back on to you. When you see a lot of happy endings, hugs and kisses you expect things to fall back in place on its own. But the harsh reality is all of  it does not happen.

That’s were watching these nice(Ones with a happy ending) movies and listening to songs comes to your rescue. They give you a hope, an unimaginable strength to carry on. Hard times come and they should in order to show us the beauty of life and also our resilience.

After i had a few heart breaks, a few friends backstabbing, a few leave for no reason and a few of them who never really were part of my life but could have been if i had not been judgmental about them. In time  I realized  that life is such a struggle without PEOPLE in your life. They may be good or bad, right or wrong, but are needed for you to grow, come out of your shell.

I was initially upset, very distressed and felt an EGO hurt, and saw everyone with frustration and anger in my eyes and mind. Someone was needed to vent all of that out. But fortunately no one was around, I had lost them all. But then i saw a few nice Hollywood and Bollywood movies(9, Ratatouille, Nemo, confession of a shopaholic, Lord of the rings etc.) heard a few songs and they all magically made me feel better. Watch any-ones whichever gives you peace. It’s up to you to decide. In fact pick the ones you never thought you would ever want to watch.

Then i saw hope, I saw light. I realized life is much better enjoyed if you take your problems with a smile. They are cliches  but they are true. Every morning i wake and say “Bring it on”. I gripe very less now.

I let the backstabbing guys go, but those who left because i was rude, I decided how they are without knowing them, I brought them back into my life with a fresh start. And for those who were my dear friends, i am making my effort that they understand whatever i did to them was not on purpose but lack of understanding. I should have known they are in pain and i should not have thought just about myself. But i am trying. I am sure they will respond back to my care and adoration, after all “If you really ask yourself what you want, you would say Happiness”.

Inspiration:Pandora’s BOX

“Pandora was given a beautiful container which she was not to open under any circumstance. Impelled by her curiosity given to her by the gods, Pandora opened it, and all evil contained therein escaped and spread over the earth. She hastened to close the container, but the whole contents had escaped, except for one thing that lay at the bottom, which was the angel of Hope named Astrea”- Wikipedia.

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