An overmade Cocktail with overactors.

Chadi mujhe yaari teri aisi jaisi daaru desi…Lekin movie dekhe sab utar gayi….


Daaru desi and Tum hi bhando are two such songs which are playing non stop on the ipods, phones, mp3 players on most of the youngsters, and they are from the very very hyped movie “Cocktail”. I honestly admit that i also love these songs and was dying to watch the  movie. But i witnessed the stark reality and the emptiness in the movie after i watched it.By the way did any of you guys who watched the movie realize why it was named so?

The movie begins with a 40 odd guy, Mr Saif, oops Gautam who is potrayed as a young, handsome hunk keeping the potential of wooing any girl. Sorry Gautam your broken cheeks and holes under your eyes are clearly visible. I guess Saif din eat much at home, because in the movie, most of the scenes he is found eating.Saif is a good actor, but his dialogues and acting seems very fake here. I loved him Kal ho na ho. But what to do, Sh** happens 😉


Then is the entry of the only sensible actress of the movie, Daina Penty a.k.a Meera, one who may not have acted very well but definitely did not overact like the rest. Her clothes are actually good and her good looks have kept her floating.

We finally have the kingfisher godess “Deepika Padakone” in the shortest possible clothes. All she wanted to do in the movie was remove her clothes and Pee. Yes watch the movie if you don’t believe me. Deepika sorry, but you did not look good, and not very hot. The only scene very she is bearable is when she wears a churidar and her acting is a little better and not over the top like other times. Oh by the way she is known as Veronica in the movie, i believe she was offered the role of Meera but she had already played it in Love aaj kal so din take it. I personally feel, she thought she would be the sacrificial goddess and hog the limelight… oops it din happen.

The plot of the movie is nothing to discuss at all, its a love triangle, nothing more to see since. its nothing more than a triangle. Poor Veronica feels Gautam will turn out to be like Justin Timeberlake in Friends with Benefits and fall in love with her, but unfortunately after Meera undergoes a make over and the salwar suit clad girl now turns into a Hip hot chic and Gautam drools over her. Here westernization is explained as sleeping with every guy you meet and then walk away without your pants on. There is no storyline at all.

So if you want to see, beautiful clothes, beautiful places and some freeze breeze(Diana Penty) and also have to power to bear a cheesy storyline, and two overactors all the way, Cocktail is ready for you.

Madhu stars:2/5


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