Transgenders-Show we be scared of them or should they be of us. Give them a chance…

How do we behave when we see people who are different from us? We keep staring at them, we try and figure out how different they are from us, but there is a section in our society whom we call names and some of us even believe taking their name is a bad omen. Yes i am referring to Hizras, Eunuchs, and transgender.
I have a lot of male friends who get petrified when they see a Hizra approaching them for money. A lot of times i have picked up a fight them telling that they too are human beings, my friends unitedly fight back telling, “How would you know? They touch us.”. I don’t have anything much to say after that. A lot of times i encounter them at signal points, when they spread in all directions and knock on every single car window begging for money. People quickly close their car windows if open and motorists try to escape. What i have realised is that people are not against giving money, though the Eunuchs ask for a minimum of twenty rupees, but the fact is they are simply scared of them. When they come on baby showers, marriages people load them with cash so that they don’t get cursed by them. But are they really so scary?

We may be scared of them because of their gaudy make up, their croaking voice or may be because they touch, but primarily because they are different from the rest. We shoo them away, we may them feel like zombies in their own land, and we also complain telling that they are boys and its may be the easiest way of earning money. May be that’s true.  In a country like ours it’s very difficult to trust anyone. But have we thought the kind of distress they go through, the torture they are put through? I thought upon why do they beg for alms, because they do not have better job opportunities, and may be the only open job opportunity to them is Sex work. So the solution would be the government generating opportunities for them or they be given fair rights across all spheres, but will we let them be in peace. Will most of us not talk, gossip about a trans working in our organization?

It was so much on my mind today that I read a few blog posts, news articles, inspirational stories and the work the Eunuchs, I was saddened at a few articles where, people mentioned about their work and was inspired by the kind of work they have chosen after a struggle. I generally put down stuff in my mind on the blog, but this time, i had to know. When I read about Seema, who is actually a male, but is different, in a way most of us fail to understand. He is not the regular guy, whom you know, but this guy dresses up like a woman every night and searches for customers and sells himself on the bed. The money he makes is to run his family, but the journey is not so easy as it seems. Seema has been raped and is HIV positive today. Unfortunate but true.

And when I was down after reading this, I came across Priyanka, an RJ by profession, who underwent an gender change operation and also fought a lot of battles before she landed here. She hosts an awareness program about her community. Another good news is, she is married too.

A few more names who have changed their life historically, are Pankaj Sharma whom most of us know as “Bobby Darling”, a television actress, Shabnam mausi, who was the first trans to be elected to public office. They all have taken a lot of pain and reached so far. But the bitter truth is not many have been able to come this far in their lives, and may be somewhere are still tortured, raped, assaulted and shooed away by people. The painful part is their own family disowns them as though they are born with a cancer of insult to their families.

I don’t know, how much of awareness I could spread through my blog, but all I feel is, next time you come across any of them, don’t get scared or feel weird about it, If you can help then please do. I sincerely believe that nobody’s curses are going to cause any loss to you, your deeds reap results for you, but somewhere there is a hope, that blessings definitely count. They are all like you and me, they are just a little different. May be it will take time for all of us to understand their uniqueness and handle it with maturity. And by the way aren’t we all competing to be different?

Give them a chance to smile and let them feel comfortable the way they are, after all they are human beings and Life still exists only on Earth. Lets all make it a better place together.


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