Words have no meaning when Silence speaks a Ton: Barfi-An enticing Musical :)

Review for Barfi πŸ™‚

Madhu Stars: 7… 8… no its a 10/10

They say love has no language, its a bond between two hearts and Barfi has truly shown expressing love does not need words. I have a very big soft corner for Ranbir kapoor and was blown off by the trailer of the movie. From the day i watched the trailer i just wanted to watch the movie and then came the lovely songs, which i kept listening on my mp3. And they say if you really want something the world conspires for you to get it(It did-That will come in another post) and finally i witnessed the Best movie of 2012. Its not exaggeration but the flawless performance by Piggi chops(Priyanka Chopra) and R.K (Ranbir) left me spellbound. Ileana added superbly to the beauty quotient of the movie, and also her role deserves appreciation. She looked a very expressive and beautiful Bengali.

The movie is shot mostly in parts of Darjeeling and Kolkata. Being a Bengali, the familiar culture and scenes added to the flavor of my Barfi. The plot of the movie is by far the most simple of all movies i have seen, at a point i was so lost in the musical silence that when any actor spoke, i felt perturbed.

Ranbir, our dearest Barfi was actually named Murphy after the cute Murphy radio baby. He is born mute, sounds sad?.. Not to worry becuase our lovely character made his life more happier and merrier than most of us. Priyanka(Jhilmil) is a very sweet, tender but mentally challenged girl, born to a drunk mother and a greedy father who consider her to be a disgrace in their society. Ileana(Shruti) is a very pretty girl who comes to stay in Darjeeling for a short while. She meets barfi and falls for his innocence, charm and feels free from her fiancee’s grip. But Who gets Barfi? Its only when he loses his true love he realises her treasured place in his heart and sets out to find her to never let her go again.

Barfi has a very interesting but scary way to test the loyalty of his friends, but it is for you to watch out forΒ  who clears it. The movie captures the theme of unconditional love, very beautifully. It is very simple to say the 3 words of love but somewhere we all flounder orΒ  are caught in the mind web of concerns about the future, difference in financial conditions etc etc..

I feel even if you are a bit confused, your trust is shaky on the person you love then may be its not love and it would not last forever.This is a moral i could get from the movie.

Few of the reviews told that all the funny acts performed by ranbir in the movie are picked up from charlie chaplin movies, but i thoroughly loved it and felt he did justice to what he wanted to perform, after all most of usΒ  are copying someone somewhere who is better than us. It entertained me and thats the bottom line. Priyanka was superb too but may be I felt it was a little overmade at times but no complains.

One actor who deserves a special mention is Saurabh Shukhla who plays the role of the police inspector always chasing Barfi. His role too was very natural and touching.

One scene which touched mine and may be most of the hearts was when Shruti tells Barfi that Jhilmil is calling out to him. He could not hear he would have just walked off and been Shruti’s forever but would he really be hers? Her ethical dilemma and her reaction left us surprised. Does holding on to someone else’s love really worth?

All in all it was complete entertainer. It really proves that a movie necessarily does not have to fall in theΒ  ‘A’ movie bracket or have absurd scenes and abuses to gather attention. A very simply made story with perfect choice of actors, very beautiful screenplay can grab people’s hearts. Hats off Mohit Mukherjee and Anurag Basu. We all Relished your Barfi πŸ™‚ :)…. Can you guess the IMDB rating… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Its…..naah not telling you, go watch it for a memorable and feel good experience. One sweet message i want to leave you with:

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4 thoughts on “Words have no meaning when Silence speaks a Ton: Barfi-An enticing Musical :)

  1. Nice and apt review… πŸ™‚
    Nice of you to mention the police inspector.. His role has gone in the background with superb performances all around…
    This movie had it all… Suspense, thrill, comedy, drama, romance, tragedy all packed into a superb package..

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