English Vinglish- A family entertainer

Movie: English Vinglish

Actors: Sreedevi. Rest i need to google them 😛

Madhu Stars: 3.5

I know the review for this comes very very late, but anyways it at least comes. English Vinglish a movie which achieved a lot of things which others in this time can hardly dream off. It somehow deserves all the hype it made.  Firstly it did not star a hot beauty but it stared an old beauty Sreedevi  who definitely is much better an actor than most of the Bollywood’s tinsel town beauties. At least you can make out if she is expressing sorrow or happiness 😉 😉 we hardly have heroines who can even do that. Secondly its a complete family entertainer – by this i mean a movie which can be watched even with your grand parents.  I do not even remember when i could comfortably watch a movie even with my brother. Thirdly and most important, the theme of the movie is very smartly chosen given it appeals to a huge household crowd of our country. My mother must have told about twenty times that “yes Sreedevi you are right” 😛 .

The story deals with a woman who though belongs to the twentieth century, lacks  the biggest qualification  to survive in the world of her teenage daughter and a husband with a white-collar job. She knows to make the best laddus in the world, but she does not know to communicate proficiently in English. I know a lot of us have dealt with an embarrassment to take our mom/dad to school because their command over this foreign language was weaker than our friends parents. So now its fight back time and time for Sreedevi to emerge as the Super woman. And  in reel life stuff is made very easy.  Sreedevi gets to go abroad to attend a marriage and joins an english class there to improve on the language.  It’s a journey with her classmates there and how she emerges as a confident person after learning English. And after a month’s class, she starts speaking english better than hindi :P…I don know how much of it is really possible in our real life, but i still like the natural stint of her MTF(mother tongue influence) in her english even after learning it. But the climax is when she is torn between her previous avatar of a homely wife, a caring mother and her struggle for the betterment of her own individual self.

The movie did not hit the right chords everywhere, it was way away from reality and sometimes it did not stick to the theme., but seeing a movie with no exposing scenes, nice energetic songs, and sentimental scenes made it work.

Sometimes i feel our national language should be English, given it is so important, at least then it will be a mandate in all schools and we will have only English medium schools. I am not one of them who would take out a morcha/dharna against English to safeguarding the interests of Hindi. Practically you need English everywhere.

But i really felt, Sreedevi needed more lessons in Hindi than in English :P…

PS: My favorite song from the movie is Man-hat-tan—— Aadmi-topi-dhup ki chap… 😛 😉 😉 Tan is dhup ki chap, that’s out of my world :).

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