The Bankster-A superb attempt at Mystery-Ravi Subramanian

Book: The Bankster

Author:Ravi Subramanian
Genre: Fiction(Mystery Thriller)
Madhu Stars:3.5/5
Here comes another gripping murder mystery by Ravi Subramanian after ‘The Incredible Banker“,If God Was a Banker,I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari and a couple more which won quite a few prestigious awards. Though i never got a chance to hold on to any of his books, i was well aware of his works. Being a management graduate he associates his books books in and around bankers and banking. But the book cover may get you thinking. A man holding a briefcase and a gun, so who is he? a Banker, a Gangster or a Bankster?
The story revolves around a bank known as GB2,  and its interesting characters and their works. It is centralized around a few key employees, Vikram, Tanuja, Harshita, Raymond and a few more and how a few of them get murdered in suspicious circumstances. The surprising part is all these employees are apples of the CEO’s eyes and are supposed to be the best bankers, relationship managers but they blow you away by their corrupt practices and the way they deceive their customers. And money laundering being the hottest topics of now, Ravi has hit bang on. But its just not about the bank. There is another story concentric to this one, which is about an old man, Krishna Menon whose fight is not anywhere close to banking or these bankers but against setting up a nuclear plant who is avenging his son’s death(how, why? Read the book :P) . The beauty is in the sync between these two stories.
Its about lies, deceit and how greed to earn more can take over a person’s humanity. It is obvious that the people close to truth are eliminated and all their deaths look like accidents or suicides.
But will Karan Punjabi, an ex banker and now a journalist with TOI be able to uncover the mystery of the deaths of his ex-colleagues or will the killer be smart enough to deceive him when he is this close to unravel it all.
The book is gripping enough, i really did hold on to it but also forced myself to stop when i felt that i wanted to unravel the mystery myself before i knew the end. I do not feel the book’s cover did any justice to the actual story 😉 but jokes apart, the book’s literary quotient could have been better  and i could have done away with a the melodrama(inherent in most of the Indian Author books) and unnecessary stretching of the book here and there. Every murder mystery is a story within itself and there is a very subtle link between all. I can say so because here the consecutive chapters are not necessarily linked but it does not lose its charm and keeps you reading.
Like a few one liners say about the author comparing him to John Grisham is a far fetched comparison but it is definitely a decent attempt in the lines of mystery.  Not being from management/banking background i do not know if the book can really be called about bankers, that’s up to the other readers to decide. But I guess it is a very good read and does not really bore you at any part. The book picks up pace from the 4/5 chapter onward.
Readers of John Grisham,Stephen White,Michael Crichton e.t.c, might feel that the story has a very expected ending and could have been more finely framed in terms of the deaths and banking policies but i respect any author who can maintain the interest levels of the reader and not let it drop. And besides that the ending was not that expected also :P.. Grab the book, since its worth the money.
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