Talaash-A lost plot. Definitely not a suspense thriller.


One of the most sought after movies of 2012, a movie which was being called a superhit even before it released was none other than Aamir khan flick Talaash. I remember people around eagerly waiting and making advance bookings for Talaash.  But did the movie and Aamir live up to viewers expectations? Not an Affirmative.

With a lot of negative reviews in the air for the movie, my respect for Aamir and kashyap told me that when i could withstand movies like Jab tak hai jaan and Student of the year, this would be way better. And not surprisingly i was not that disappointed.  I cannot complain of the performances of Aamir, Rani and Kareena.  They did complete justice to their roles. Unfortunately i knew the so called “mystery factor” even before i could watch the movie, but that did not hamper the storyline so much for me because it was like an open secret right from the beginning of the movie.


The movie centers around Inspector Shekhawat(Aamir) investigating the murder of a famous actor, and in the process of investigation he meets many interesting characters of the movie and uncovers only the dead truths. It all leads him to dead ends but it becomes a very simple case with the help of his newly found friend “rosy” a sex worker who seems to connect all the dots so well for him :). 😉 ;).  But Shekhawat was also fighting with himself, not sleeping in the nights because he held himself guilty for his only son’s accidental death.  Rani who is Aamir’s wife in the movie has done a very sober performance and it gave me immense pleasure to see her in bengal cotton sarees and not in the skimpy clothes she put on in “aiyya”.  She had slipped into depression after her son’s demise and was trying to regain some happiness by establishing contact with her dead son. So was she hallucinating? Amair felt his wife needed help, and his wife  felt the vice versa.


I strongly feel Nawazuddin Siddiqui(apna faizal khan from Gangs of wasseypur) did a commendable role but he could have been used more.  Kareena looks amazingly stunning, no complains but Aamir i still have to get used to seeing you in a tough role. The movie has steady pace and cannot be called boring. It was definitely not as briiliant and flawless as it was hyped to be but it was simply okay.

There is absolutely no comparison of Talaash and kahaani because there is no mystery, yes no mystery in Talaash, its a story you would be partly entertained with but not something whose last scene would blow you away, in fact i felt the last few scenes were very poorly shot.  If it were a novel i would say proof reading was very bad, a lot of loopholes and flaws were left behind which you cannot ignore.

But tell me Aamir what were you trying to find? Or rather what was movie aiming at? Why did you have to promote your movie through television flicks like CID(Don go by the name, its actually a comedy series 😉 ) and Sacchai ki talaash. These publicity stunts were not needed if your story was strong enough.

An expected ending, a very lose plot but only savior was good actors, very nice music tracks and a proper flow of the movie. So you would not get bored for sure.

Madhu Stars: the answer lies within 😛 (3/5)


One thought on “Talaash-A lost plot. Definitely not a suspense thriller.

  1. madhu stars eh.. yeah it was more like a short-film script. but one thing is clear that aamir just follows the script and the director’s vision and doesn’t interfere in the movie making. One tends to overlook that when the movies are blockbusters like 3 idiots or ghajini.

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