Rough Look is a big NO on a DATE ;) ;). Shave or Crave Men :)

I still remember daddy rubbing his stubble  cheeks against my soft ones when i was year or two and how much i found it cute. But i have now left that day long behind. And now whenever i see men with  beard or stubble, i wonder what unfortunate stuff has happened to them, why have they become another Devdas ;). Trust me even sharukh did not look good in that look.  The clean shave look is so in for all roles and occasions, especially on a time out with a girl. Some people argue saying, clean shave guys don’t look manly enough, but i thought your actions spoke more for your manliness 😉 . A guy whose face has to be searched under his beard, is such a big turn off.

Imagine if your girl had beard on her face would you even feel like looking at her? Yes a guy and a girl are different i know that 😉 but a clean shave does not even take more than a couple of minutes and is not even  painful as Waxing. But look at the advantages, your face will light up her eyes, and make you a great day.

But i guess you guys already know that the clean shaven look is the most decent to be, that’s why you would see them neatly dressed, with no stubble on a day of their interview then why not on a date, When all a girl looks out for is a guy whose cheeks can pulled and said woogly woogly wush (like the ponds ad).  Okay, “woogly woogly wush”  is not corny or cheesy or any chauvinistic term of a guy, but it cute :), the real men would know.  I can imagine any guy(fair or dark or wheatish) clean shaven with a nice pair of clothes(casuals or formals) with a sun glasses on, make any girl fall flat for them.

And you don’t want her hands coming close to hold you by your face and kiss you get hurt with your poky stubble on.  A girl is soft like a petal, let her touch your soft skin.  :)..

So what are you waiting for? Become her teddy bear and get ready to be hugged and kissed 🙂 with your neat, stubble free look. 🙂

Leave the roughness behind and show her the gentleman in you :). So Better Shave then Crave 😛

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with

PS: I know all the girls out there would be shouting “Yay!, Yay!” at my blog post and guys just immersed in deep thoughts thinking “Really, is this true” 😉 ;).. But i hope i hurt no sentiments and sorry if i did,  It is a competition for an Ipad, i could not afford to miss 🙂


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