Calvin and Hobbes


I am sure each one of you knows Calvin, and if you don’t, you have been missing so much in your life. Okay why do i say “so much”? Am i being biased? May be. Its my favorite comic strip. I stumbled upon it just when i was skimming through the comics section in the newspaper. At first i did not understand. It started somewhere and ended abruptly and no story.

Comics always came across to me as funny pieces of art but Calvin and Hobbes was very different. Its mostly a conversation between a little boy called Calvin and his tiger Hobbes (who is actually Calvin’s stuffed toy). Yes you read it right, his toy tiger. Now that debate has always been on that whether, Hobbes is just another imaginations of Calvin or he really comes alive when no one is around.

I believe he is real, just like Santa Claus. After i started reading Calvin and Hobbes, they inspired me. Calvin became my role model. I used to read his replies and feel that, this stupid, cranky, pain causing, horrible world can be made a haven if you can start thinking like Calvin. He has the most honest questions and the wittiest answers.  He is arrogant; he is rude and his intellect levels are way above us. He has a world of his own. It takes a lot of mental strength to do that. And please do not underestimate the tiger, though he does not talk much(Calvin hardly lets him 😉 ), Hobbes has the most critic view of Calvin’s opinion. And Calvin’s dad, needs a special mention too. He is a cool dad, and the way he answers Calvin’s question, i wonder if any dad in this world does. Finally one whom i really like is Susie, Calvin’s friend or should i say enemy. They are always fighting and Calvin is constantly trying to make her life hell. But she is as smart or sometimes even better than Calvin.

Calvin, “you make me wonder, you make me think and most of all you make me feel happy”. Hobbes, “you tell me what is friendship,you tell me how selfless and beautiful it can be”.Thank you Bill Watterson, the author of these comic strips, for making Calvin a part of my life. Wish you would create more of such amazing comic strips.

Leaving you with  my personal favorites from Calvin and Hobbes

Image        Image


Okay i should stop now, else il go on and on. 🙂


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