Hum hassey bhi aur phas bhi gaye.(Hasee toh Phasee-Movie Review)


Hasee toh Phasee is a perfect bollywood entertainer. The director has put all the perfect ingredients to make it a success at box office.It has a good looking cast,it has Parineeti’s madness, Siddharth’s genuine emotions and adah’s glamorous looks, it makes you laugh, cry,it makes you go awww at a few scenes and most importantly ends happily. After all a happy ending is all we wish and hope for in our life.

I would not call it a perfect love story, its a little hatke and thats the charming factor. What you would have normally expected the story to be is not how it turns out . In fact every time you would feel that siddharth should be with Adah, he ends up with Parineeti and when he should be with Parineeti, he is instead concerned for Adah. I would also not call it a love triangle, because technically only Parineeti and Siddharth love each other, Adah just is in search of a secure life with her perfect man. I am not sure if i can call that love.


The movie really makes you laugh, it does not use vulgar or lame jokesΒ  but they are indeed funny and effortless. Another beautiful aspect of this love story is how much true love is about giving and not taking. Siddharth is able to look at the true parineeti who has hidden herself in an abnormal and unfit to be a girl body, and Parineeti who has shut her feelings somewhere bursts out into tears when she realizes how much she loves siddharth. May be her science, her pills fail her when its true emotion. And finally the most beautiful relationship of that of aΒ  father and daughter is so nicely blended into the movie. Manoj joshi and sharat saxena’s roles as parneeti and siddharth’s father are commendable.

I would fail to agree with the comments on siddharth’s poor acting skills, because in this movie which has given him a chance to express more emotions than just anger and seriousness, he has passed with flying colors.

I just have one complaint to the director, why get parneeti slapped so many times?

Leaving all my readers with the song from the movie Zehnaseeb(Valentine’s special πŸ™‚ ) Go and watch it with your friends or your special one.. no matter with whom you go this romcom will make you smile πŸ™‚


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