A very long side affect :Shaadi Ke Side/Effects: A movie review


Pata hai ki Pyaar aur shaadi karke pachtana hai par phir bhi karna hai 😛 (you know you would suffer in love and marriage but can you escape the tempt of either)

A movie with a lot of expectations has really disappointed us. Shaadi ke Side Effects, sequel of the movie pyaar ke side effects which was a much better watch. Farhan and Vidya, we expected this to be better.

I would not say, the movie was bad or a terrible watch. It was definitely a better watch than the super hits of our salman and akshay bhai, but i expected more creativity and at least a story. Of course , the name says it all, its about the post effects of a highly successful love affair, its a movie about a tragedy called “marriage”. A boy meets a girl, a beautiful love story blossoms, boy proposes to her in a hot balloon in an exotic international location and then get married. Woohhooo.  All of it is sugary and nice till the entry of our baby doll(Their kid). The guy misses his freedom, his long lost girl friend who has now become his boring wife and more importantly his daughter’s mother and of course a life with no bounds. And just to keep his successful marriage on, he invents a strategy and miserably fails in it. Oh by the way in all this the sole culprit is the wife, the movie should have been named, “ladke pe shaadi ke side effects” because the girl is always happy in the shaadi.

“Good Part of the movie: Neither of them cheat though they are frustrated and the funny scenes really are funny, especially the potty color one:P “


But its a little true too, we only see the guy complaining and sobbing about losing his over hyped bachelorhood even in real life too, because behind this strong macho man, we have a weak stupid creature, who is not prepared for anything at anytime of his life(at least till a guy is 50 years old). The girl on the other hand embraces every change in her life with happiness, she is not pretending and that’s why she is happy be it leaving her parents, becoming a mother(oh yes, she too has a career, which she leaves, she too gives away her flawless figure) with a smile. She knows her priorities. Okay so before i make my blogpost a battle of sexes, i better come back to the movie.


“Bad Part: Too long, and dude, i thought they were not financially settled, then how do they go to such exotic location, such plush restaurants(okay both of them are working) and their house(okay that’s on house loan), but really are you kidding me, in a place like mumbai, a struggling musician who does not have even one album of his own cannot afford all this. “

Entertaining, funny and amazing music is always guaranteed when farhan is in the movie, but people you stretched it really long. There has to be story, a beginning, a plot, an ending for the audience to watch it for 3 hrs, of course no body wants to sit and watch one single scene, draped in different colors and dialogs everytime. Shaadi is a pain, we get it but what next. The movie may be enjoyed by the guys who have got married young and now think are caged in the shackles of marriage but guys this also is a learning, running away from the problem is not the solution. So guys and girls take your time ,enjoy and then settle down with someone you think with whom you can share your problems with and will have the maturity to understand you.

One time watch but still a 3/5.

My favorite tracks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_sAIw92Hlg( especially for the location)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXcbBlpIncs (for Farhan’s voice and lyrics)


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