My Queen..(Movie Review)


Queen came like a fresh breeze and was a complete entertainer. Kangana has proved all of them who say she can only do phsycho roles wrong. You were brilliant kangana, my queen.

It was very aptly released on the occasion of women’s day. Rahul gandhi was right, we are working towards women empowerment. πŸ˜› Jokes apart, the movie is very nicely shot, very simple storyline, and good cast. This movie brings out a lot of emotions ; happiness, sorrow, anger and madness. Rani’s innocence is also well blended in the whole movie. πŸ™‚

Rani’s(Kangana) life overturns when her fiancee very casually dumps her a day before their wedding, simply because he feels their statuses does not match anymore. The same guy who ran circles around her, felt she did not match up to him. Rani felt her life was doomed, but Paris saved her. πŸ™‚ She sets out on her honeymoon alone :). Though it is very difficult to believe that Rani from Rajouri can conquer Paris but. isn’t reel life all about giving way to our wildest imaginations. Just to think if really the world was safe enough that Rani from a small town could set out to a completely foreign country.

Rani is as pure as a dew drop and her honest intentions, to see Paris and Amsterdam, change her life, make her realize who she really is and who she really can be. Lisa Hayden, the dusky beauty , the hot Veejaay πŸ˜›Β  befirends rani and becomes her first confidant in her journey. Remarkable performance by Lisa. Taka deserves a special mention too.

Music is very refreshing. They have songs of very different flavor, no hip hop but very soothing. I got a deja vous feeling, in the second part of the movie, felt it was a bit like english vinglish, may be because Amit trivedi has composed music for both, but i am definitely not saying that they are similar movies. The heroin single handed has taken charge of the movie.


A worth watch. The last scene was my favorite. The movie tells us that when all doors are closed, you are just about to open the best one. It gives a new hope, that no matter what,Β  life goes on and very famously quoted,

“what does not kill you only makes you stronger”.

PS. Paris and Amstredam, you are a pleasure to eyes. Please watch the movie, if you are a Paris fan like me:P.


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