State.Com – A product Review

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Today we have a website for almost everything today. For getting your questions answered go to, for knowing the latest happening in fields of technology/music/arts or any topic out of the blue, go to mashable or theVerge but is there a site where you can express your opinion on a world forum? You would say twitter, or facebook but for me my audience in these sites is very limited. In Facebook my post will be seen only by my friends and so in twitter by my followers. If you really ask me what is the purpose of expressing my opinion, i would say to let people around the world know what i feel about something and also to know what they feel about the same. And if you are searching for a site where you wish to state your thoughts on a subject, the answer is

State. com is a platform for building a global opinion network. You simply connect to the site with your Facebook or Twitter id, and get started. You can chose any topic of your choice from a varied range of subject areas like technology, fashion, entertainment, religion, products, food, travel and lifestyle. Try searching for a movie, a game, an actor or anything you can think and you will find it most likely.  Or lets say, you want to see the updates made on a topic of your choice, just simply click on Tune in- feature, and its like you are following the topic. The across state page shows you all trending topics across State. And its not necessary that your opinions are lines long, they can be just a word and State’s intellisense will group it into the negative or positive category and you will know how many people think like you. In fact these words become stats for any subject area.


I came across a similar site called, which also helps you express your opinion on different topics, but State’s look and feel is way beyond nicer than it. Also State is a lot of topics on a lot of genres and looks like a work of very efficient coding team :).

But i feel its going to be difficult and time taking to get opinions on your own topic from people rather it will be easier if you comment on a existing topic on which many people have commented already. Also it would be great if i could search my FB friends who are already on State. Though for that i can also share my state opinion link on FB . Also you can share the link by email with people who are not on FB, Twitter or State.. Cool right?

Most importantly state is about you, and your thoughts and how you can take your opinion on the global level. It can be healthy discussion about a book, or a petition against a product. But State is still very new  and it will take a while for people to know and appreciate it. But i hope through my blog post my readers will connect to and see if they like it.

PS: Cool site, state yourself 🙂



Happiness is about small things and how simply you taught me.

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This blog post is dedicated to a very kind human being whom i met and interacted for a very short time.

Very recently I had gone to Kerala and we had advanced bookings for car and hotel. We were supposed to be picked up from the railway station and the same care was supposed to take us all the places in Kerala.

We were very tired after the train journey, and to our bad luck, the car had not come. We were calling all places to find out where the driver was and when we called him we realized that the driver was waiting at some other station for us. We took it for granted that he was lying and was probably picking someone else up. The station was a small one, so there was no proper place to even sit. We were very annoyed and after a long wait of 2 hours he finally came. My dad was waiting to scold him, but as soon as he came, he smiled. And his smile was so genuine and his sorry was so  heartfelt , that our anger just dropped and we could hardly say anything apart from “its ok”. Later my dad got a call from the authorities who told us that they had sent the driver to the wrong station.

Unlike most of the drivers who are very rash and frustrated about driving , he seemed to enjoy it and was very soft spoken. He had a very strong Malayalam accent in his voice, so it was a little difficult for us to make out what he said, but no matter what he said, he would always smile.

He was financially not very well off at all, he told us he had been to gulf and was planning to go there again till his 4 year old daughter told him, “daddy you would anyway be driving the car there why not drive it here and stay with us.” This made me feel why so many of us migrate, when they can stay here with their family and be much happier. I always used to fight with the cabbies in my office and tell them to drive properly, but this journey made me think otherwise. For most of the time we were travelling and when sitting in an AC car doing nothing can be so tiring, how difficult it is for someone to drive continuously. It is important we try and understand someone’s trouble in life and behave with them keeping in mind all of that.

He would take us on roads, where the view can be good, so that though we see less places we still would cover as much as possible. He skipped all places in Itinery which were not worth seeing and showed us better places. He seemed to be a very loving family man, and he told us that wherever he went around Kerala, he would get something back for his children, because he could not afford to show them these places. Happiness is about small things.

We would always take him for lunch and dinner wherever we went , and he was so touched by all of it, that he narrated to us incidents of how other passengers would not even think about the driver and not even offer him a chai(tea).

I have learnt now that no matter what you do, however big or small your job is, it is essesntial that you do it with utmost sincerity and perfection. One should have patience and perserverance in life. One should be content.  He would never be late. He would never ask for any tip or  chai paani. He was a man with a lot of self respect. All in all , he made our trip a memorable one. While leaving my father offered him money and told him to buy something for his kids, his eyes gleamed and i could see he was very grateful to us though we hardly had done anything for him.

PS: His name is Sameer, and he is a good man. 🙂

You are too good Fatso :)

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When i first met him, he came across to me as the most serious person i had ever seen. He seemed rude, arrogant and proud. And today i know him as the king of bad jokes. The person i am writing about today, is one person who has inspired me to break free from extreme emotions of anger, insecurity, jealousy and every other emotion which makes me a monster.

He never was interested in being friends with me, since he had already known of the side effects of being my friend :P. But i spoke so much to him, that he could not avoid me. He put up with my silly fights, my stupid insecurities and most importantly me.

I met him at work and today he much more than a colleague to me. He is one of the most special friends to me. I have kept hearing all my life, that its good to share your sorrows, to open up, but after meeting him, a lot of definitions in my life has changed. Back then anyone i found, i poured all my secrets onto that person but i am glad that i found him earlier which  saved a lot of people from listening to my sob stories. I now know that telling everyone about your sorrows is not going to fetch you anything apart from more sorrow. Express it to people who will be able to empathize with you and not sympathize with you. He is a more of an introvert and let me tell you, an introvert is not a person who does not interact much but is a person who interacts with only people he likes. I take it a achievement in my life that i am one of his good friends 😀 and though he has not really told me a lot of secrets :(, he knows if someday he needs me i will be there.

People who have read my blog posts will know that emotionally i am a very weak person, i can breakdown anytime. But now i have learnt to make peace with things which upset me, i have learnt to build a world around me and i am happy. I kept on waiting for people to come and make me happy, but when i looked at his life, i felt he is hardly unhappy and the sole reason for it, he was very happy with his own self.

He is brilliant, sincere and amazingly good at work. From him i have learnt how important it is, to deliver perfect results and not let anyone point out your faults.If there was a trip planned and he was a part of it, i would be in, since i was least worried of anything, he would take take care of everything and i knew it. He is so humble in spite of all the goodness filled in him.

Its not that  i do not feel bad at his reactions at times, but its not that im perfect either. I know now that everyone has a different way to show their care and it always does not have to be loud.

PS: Tomu i met you in one of the most toughest phases in my life, and when i was at the edge, you pulled me up and saved me from sinking. I know you will be a big man someday, and the unfortunate part of being work friends is that you end up losing touch even faster, but i know whenever we meet in life i will  punch equally hard like now if you tease me. 😛 😛 😛

My Papa Strongest :)

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with
Dear Papa,

Father’s day is close and I thought this time I will gift you something special. A letter wrapped with all my emotions.

I grew up listening to your stories of valor and adventures. Every night at dinner you would tell me about how you used to sleep with your sneakers on, so that any time grandpa woke up you would be ready to go chase a snake or a thief. I hardly realized that you were secretly imbibing in me so much courage and will power that I would evolve from a cry baby to a very strong person. You were a boxer and footballer in school and were passionate to join army but could not, but you never forced your children to be good at sports or join the army. In fact I hardly took any interest in sports :P. You never brought us up the way you were brought up. You always made us value education, though you were always an average student at school. I only concentrated on getting good marks. My brothers still played chess and other games, but I sat back in the games period and read books. I felt so much pride to show you all the good marks I got in my school exams. Every summer holidays you made me write pages and pages to improve my handwriting. I was such a sincere kid :). But all thanks to you.

Right from when I was conscious enough to understand the world, you started giving me pocket money. I started off with 5 bucks a months and it rose by a 10 bucks every year. This way you made me realize the value of money and saving. You saw difficult times and you would always prepare us for the same. You never pampered us and never promised us a gift if we topped.

I have seen your varied levels of patience; at home you would not be able to wait for lunch to be ready, but you would wait for 3 hours at a stretch for me outside my examination hall. I love you for that.

Most importantly you taught us to fight back. You always used to tell me, that if someone hits you at school, hit him back twice, and do not come back crying. Fortunately I always made good friends who never punched me on my face, but I have punched a lot of them playfully. I have taken a little bit of boxing after you.


We have had difficult times. I have seen you lose your job, and go from a very highly paid job to a very small one, but your fight back just helped overcome all difficulties in life.

You have blessed me with bargaining skills. There is not a single auto guy near my home who knows not of my bargaining skills. When mom would buy the stuff and come back without bargaining even once, you and me would look at each other and feel, “what a loss”. It is so much fun when we gang up against mom and make fun of her. Thankfully mom is very kind and affectionate and has forgiven us for most of our mistakes.

During my childhood days I used to be very scared of you, but now you are my best buddy and constantly save me from mom’s sinister plans of getting me married :P. Initially I used to feel bad that all my friends have doting fathers, but now I realize that your way of showing love was different. You used to tell me that if you go out with friends, ensure that you come back on your own. I would think of you as a heartless father, but I guess you always saw me like your third son and not your only daughter. Thanks to you, I am no longer scared of getting lost, since I have got lost so many times while coming alone. But still have managed to come back home :P. You gave me courage when I learnt to cycle for the first time, you let me go on a trip with friends( which is indeed a big thing for me whose mother is in constant fear for her daughter) and empathized with me when I told you I broke up with my boy friend. You are like a cushion for me on whom I can fall back on when I’m in trouble.

Papa I love you, and may be just like you I cannot express my love to you with great conviction but you are the wind beneath my wings and will always be my hero.

Happy father’s day Papa. 🙂