My Papa Strongest :)

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Dear Papa,

Father’s day is close and I thought this time I will gift you something special. A letter wrapped with all my emotions.

I grew up listening to your stories of valor and adventures. Every night at dinner you would tell me about how you used to sleep with your sneakers on, so that any time grandpa woke up you would be ready to go chase a snake or a thief. I hardly realized that you were secretly imbibing in me so much courage and will power that I would evolve from a cry baby to a very strong person. You were a boxer and footballer in school and were passionate to join army but could not, but you never forced your children to be good at sports or join the army. In fact I hardly took any interest in sports :P. You never brought us up the way you were brought up. You always made us value education, though you were always an average student at school. I only concentrated on getting good marks. My brothers still played chess and other games, but I sat back in the games period and read books. I felt so much pride to show you all the good marks I got in my school exams. Every summer holidays you made me write pages and pages to improve my handwriting. I was such a sincere kid :). But all thanks to you.

Right from when I was conscious enough to understand the world, you started giving me pocket money. I started off with 5 bucks a months and it rose by a 10 bucks every year. This way you made me realize the value of money and saving. You saw difficult times and you would always prepare us for the same. You never pampered us and never promised us a gift if we topped.

I have seen your varied levels of patience; at home you would not be able to wait for lunch to be ready, but you would wait for 3 hours at a stretch for me outside my examination hall. I love you for that.

Most importantly you taught us to fight back. You always used to tell me, that if someone hits you at school, hit him back twice, and do not come back crying. Fortunately I always made good friends who never punched me on my face, but I have punched a lot of them playfully. I have taken a little bit of boxing after you.


We have had difficult times. I have seen you lose your job, and go from a very highly paid job to a very small one, but your fight back just helped overcome all difficulties in life.

You have blessed me with bargaining skills. There is not a single auto guy near my home who knows not of my bargaining skills. When mom would buy the stuff and come back without bargaining even once, you and me would look at each other and feel, “what a loss”. It is so much fun when we gang up against mom and make fun of her. Thankfully mom is very kind and affectionate and has forgiven us for most of our mistakes.

During my childhood days I used to be very scared of you, but now you are my best buddy and constantly save me from mom’s sinister plans of getting me married :P. Initially I used to feel bad that all my friends have doting fathers, but now I realize that your way of showing love was different. You used to tell me that if you go out with friends, ensure that you come back on your own. I would think of you as a heartless father, but I guess you always saw me like your third son and not your only daughter. Thanks to you, I am no longer scared of getting lost, since I have got lost so many times while coming alone. But still have managed to come back home :P. You gave me courage when I learnt to cycle for the first time, you let me go on a trip with friends( which is indeed a big thing for me whose mother is in constant fear for her daughter) and empathized with me when I told you I broke up with my boy friend. You are like a cushion for me on whom I can fall back on when I’m in trouble.

Papa I love you, and may be just like you I cannot express my love to you with great conviction but you are the wind beneath my wings and will always be my hero.

Happy father’s day Papa. 🙂



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