You are too good Fatso :)

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When i first met him, he came across to me as the most serious person i had ever seen. He seemed rude, arrogant and proud. And today i know him as the king of bad jokes. The person i am writing about today, is one person who has inspired me to break free from extreme emotions of anger, insecurity, jealousy and every other emotion which makes me a monster.

He never was interested in being friends with me, since he had already known of the side effects of being my friend :P. But i spoke so much to him, that he could not avoid me. He put up with my silly fights, my stupid insecurities and most importantly me.

I met him at work and today he much more than a colleague to me. He is one of the most special friends to me. I have kept hearing all my life, that its good to share your sorrows, to open up, but after meeting him, a lot of definitions in my life has changed. Back then anyone i found, i poured all my secrets onto that person but i am glad that i found him earlier which  saved a lot of people from listening to my sob stories. I now know that telling everyone about your sorrows is not going to fetch you anything apart from more sorrow. Express it to people who will be able to empathize with you and not sympathize with you. He is a more of an introvert and let me tell you, an introvert is not a person who does not interact much but is a person who interacts with only people he likes. I take it a achievement in my life that i am one of his good friends 😀 and though he has not really told me a lot of secrets :(, he knows if someday he needs me i will be there.

People who have read my blog posts will know that emotionally i am a very weak person, i can breakdown anytime. But now i have learnt to make peace with things which upset me, i have learnt to build a world around me and i am happy. I kept on waiting for people to come and make me happy, but when i looked at his life, i felt he is hardly unhappy and the sole reason for it, he was very happy with his own self.

He is brilliant, sincere and amazingly good at work. From him i have learnt how important it is, to deliver perfect results and not let anyone point out your faults.If there was a trip planned and he was a part of it, i would be in, since i was least worried of anything, he would take take care of everything and i knew it. He is so humble in spite of all the goodness filled in him.

Its not that  i do not feel bad at his reactions at times, but its not that im perfect either. I know now that everyone has a different way to show their care and it always does not have to be loud.

PS: Tomu i met you in one of the most toughest phases in my life, and when i was at the edge, you pulled me up and saved me from sinking. I know you will be a big man someday, and the unfortunate part of being work friends is that you end up losing touch even faster, but i know whenever we meet in life i will  punch equally hard like now if you tease me. 😛 😛 😛


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