State.Com – A product Review

This review is a part of the product review programme by about State.


Today we have a website for almost everything today. For getting your questions answered go to, for knowing the latest happening in fields of technology/music/arts or any topic out of the blue, go to mashable or theVerge but is there a site where you can express your opinion on a world forum? You would say twitter, or facebook but for me my audience in these sites is very limited. In Facebook my post will be seen only by my friends and so in twitter by my followers. If you really ask me what is the purpose of expressing my opinion, i would say to let people around the world know what i feel about something and also to know what they feel about the same. And if you are searching for a site where you wish to state your thoughts on a subject, the answer is

State. com is a platform for building a global opinion network. You simply connect to the site with your Facebook or Twitter id, and get started. You can chose any topic of your choice from a varied range of subject areas like technology, fashion, entertainment, religion, products, food, travel and lifestyle. Try searching for a movie, a game, an actor or anything you can think and you will find it most likely.  Or lets say, you want to see the updates made on a topic of your choice, just simply click on Tune in- feature, and its like you are following the topic. The across state page shows you all trending topics across State. And its not necessary that your opinions are lines long, they can be just a word and State’s intellisense will group it into the negative or positive category and you will know how many people think like you. In fact these words become stats for any subject area.


I came across a similar site called, which also helps you express your opinion on different topics, but State’s look and feel is way beyond nicer than it. Also State is a lot of topics on a lot of genres and looks like a work of very efficient coding team :).

But i feel its going to be difficult and time taking to get opinions on your own topic from people rather it will be easier if you comment on a existing topic on which many people have commented already. Also it would be great if i could search my FB friends who are already on State. Though for that i can also share my state opinion link on FB . Also you can share the link by email with people who are not on FB, Twitter or State.. Cool right?

Most importantly state is about you, and your thoughts and how you can take your opinion on the global level. It can be healthy discussion about a book, or a petition against a product. But State is still very new  and it will take a while for people to know and appreciate it. But i hope through my blog post my readers will connect to and see if they like it.

PS: Cool site, state yourself 🙂



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