Black, the Baap of all colors!!

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At a lot of homes in India, the black color happens to be one of the most underrated colors. It is always associated with bad luck and ruthlessly debarred from all sacred occasions. Unfortunately mine is a home like that. My mom did not let us buy a single two wheeler or four wheeler in black, and poor black always stayed outside my door. But then as I grew up, I started dominating mom at least in selecting my clothes, shoes or gadgets. I mean thanks to these weird superstitious omens in peoples mind, that even a black cat crossing your path is considered unlucky. Like ugly duckling, there should probably be a children’s movie on The black cat. Why punish the cat, because its black. That’s so racist.
My fascination with the color black started in my college days. There was a time, when whatever I used to shop would be in color black. But I gradually realized that, a black flip flop can go with any colored clothes, a black blouse would go with any sari (my mom told me that), and so emerged black as the baap of all colors. It is now supposed to be one of the sexiest colors and suits almost everything and everyone.
My personal favorites for things in black color would be:


1. A gorgeous netted black sari– I mean, who is more pretty, the model or the color. Or rather is the color black making her glow? I love wearing saris and consider it to be one of most beautiful attires and suitable for any occasion.
2. Black Nail color- I know, with rock bands promoting this nail color, it is now associated with wild things. But honestly it adds a bling to your fingers. And in my case, it was a blessing, because I don’t usually shape my nails, and like them blunt and black on blunt nails looks the best.
3. A black dog- Man’s best friend when in black is the cutest. They shine. They are already so adorable; black just makes them more cuter. Sadly I never had a pet and a few incidents have made me really scared of dogs, but there was a time when my neighbor’s black Labrador was my best friend.
4. A black phone/tablet. These days gadgets come in more colors than nail polish, and if they don’t, there are flashy, phone or tablet covers in vibrant colors. But I always liked it simple and elegant when in black. For me certain things are meant to be in certain shades and for a phone it is hands down black.
5. A black stiletto– Though I am usually a person very comfortable in flats, but If given a chance (and training :P), I would like to wear these. They are absolutely sexy.
6. A Black car– Look at that beauty. Though I know I might never be able to drive this car, but a black car is any day superior than other colored cars. Please moms, a black car is not unlucky.
7. A man in black suit– Though I would be biased to any guy wearing formals(because that’s what they look best in for me), if he has put on a black suit on his first date with me, he definitely has the second one on( *conditions apply :P). Men in black definitely make a statement.
8. Black wayfarers– I don’t even have to say how cool they look. My readers would already be nodding their heads for this one.
I am so glad, through a contest I’m getting to write this post, or else I would have just missed writing about the most amazing color of all times. Black you rock !! 
PS: That reminds me, please stop making kajal in colors like white at least(they look scary), Kajal is supposed in black.


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