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“I haven’t seen everywhere but it’s on my list- Susan Sontag.”

I would be lying if said, I have travelled the world or I have seen a lot of places or I am an ardent traveler. In fact I have never travelled alone till date to any place outside my state. I have never been allowed. But to travel is a hidden passion of mine which I unravel only to a few. I have always wanted to pack my bags and just go. I want to go to Cherrapunji, Goa( yes sadly I never went to Goa), Jaipur, Italy, Paris, Egypt, Netherlands, London, and it is an endless list. I know reaching all these places will take a while but I make it up by reading about these places(I secretly wanted to be a travel guide, I imagine myself on a open top double-decker bus with a map in my hand and telling people about the history of the place),or by watching shows on TLC or just making castles in air about visiting these places with friends who are as crazy as me. I want to wander and not be lost at the same time. I am such a poor planner, that I am scared to even order in a restaurant on others’ behalf, forget planning a trip. . I am perceived as a very coward sort of a person, who would never take risks in life but I only wish I could just set out on a journey with no date of return. But like always blog adda is here, for a new adventure this time, and yes planning a trip, though a virtual one, is no less than an adventure for me.

India to Paris
Given a chance to plan my dream trip with 1 Lakh rupees. I would choose the heaven of love, Paris. I thought planning it would be a herculean task, but I finished it in a short while with Sky scanner. You have almost everything on the site, just name it for your trip and you will find it. So I came up with the below Itinerary , a very rough one though and realized, that I chose a pretty expensive location to go.

So all I did was searched flights from Hyderabad to Paris(round trip- though if I got a chance I would never come back ;)) and a range of flights popped up(from 45k to 80k). So I picked a marginally cheaper one which came in about 48K.
Then I searched for a hotel in Paris, which would ideally be located somewhere in central Paris, and as I was searching a flight, I got a popup, hotels in Paris, and one click on it and I was seeing a range of hotels there. Since I would mostly use the hotel just to freshen up and spend the night, I was preferably looking for a hostel sort of accommodation. And I found Le- regent hostel Montmartre which is near Gare Du Nord. One night stay with complimentary breakfast is 1690 only. From the reviews it was rated 7, which is good enough. And yes, from review, to map, to price, of the hotel it is all at one place in the site. I am really amazed as to how much information is so well organized on the sky scanner site. So my trip can last for a max of 2 nights , 3 days, so I would spend 4K on my stay.
There is another interesting feature on this site is it helps you book cars for hire with a driver. It is always more comfortable if you are travelling in your own car, you can stop wherever and whenever. You just have to mention for how many days/hours you want and your drop and pick up location and voila you get the prices. So if I take a hire car, which is actually pretty suitable given that from the hostel , all the places are in about 10-15 km, it would be a good deal. So I could hire a car for two days, and it would cost about 10k.
With accommodation and transport ready, we just have to decide on the places. I would definitely want to see Eiffel tower, Louvre, Avenue des Champs Elysees, and also take a short city tour. The entry tickets at all of these places will come to another 15k. And not to forget the lunches and dinners are not complimentary and I would want to try French cuisine. Yet another 5-7K.
With about 10-15k in my kitty, I would shop    and save a little for getting mementos for friends back in India.
Ha, I just blew 1 lakh, so easily. I almost felt like it was a real plan and I would leave for Paris very soon. Thank you Blog adda for this wonderful experience.


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