You all zest up my life :)

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Happiness is a state of mind ;). In a day of any average human being like you and me, we laugh a countless times, cry some times, but most of the time we are busy working towards our careers. We forget to notice those little things which really zests up our life. For about some time now I am mostly quiet and don’t interact much with people unless required. There are few things which changed my thought process, made me stronger and may be a little less motivated. But it is not that I am no longer interested in my life, I know there a handful of people who love me a lot and I live my life for them.

If I have to list down the 5 things/people/situations that add spice to my life and make me look forward to everyday then they would be as below.

My mumma and papa – I am the youngest in my family and have always been the irresponsible, pampered little baby at home. But my relationship with my parents has changed a lot in the past few years and so have I. My elder brothers are married now and stay far off for their jobs and my parents’ only focus is me. Initially I used to miss my brothers, cracking jokes which only we siblings understood and hated my mom’s 24X7 attention on me. But gradually I have grown much more attached to my parents and I feel they have grown very fond of me. Previously they used to be protective and not let me go places, but now they enjoy my company so much that they tell that they will miss me when I am gone (though this does not deter my mom from searching matches for me 😛 ). They both start planning from the morning, what will be cooked for me, which place we should travel next and now I enjoy their attention so much that I almost feel like the only child. When my brothers come home, and use my room or talk much to mom and dad, I almost feel like there are trespassers in my territory :P. I travel far for work and at times get vexed up and plan to stay close to office, but I immediately feel responsible for my parents back home. (PS. Also the comfort 😉 ). One day I would make them very proud and hope I can be by their side when they need me the most.

My Best friend Shruti – One person who knows the deepest of my secrets and with whom I can be myself completely is Shruti. We know each other from five years now and seen each other through the worst of our times. We are two poles apart and think very differently. So it is obvious we disagree on a lot of things, but in the end I dominate her and she has to agree to what I say 😛 (she is a sweetheart basically). Even if the whole world forgets to call me, she would call daily to ask about my well being. She is kind, polite, obedient, and pretty and all the nice adjectives you can think off. On the other hand I am blunt, impolite , argumentative , bossy (no wonder my mom always says, wish I had a daughter like shruti). But we look up to each other for little things and advice each other like we have seen the world. She makes me feel I can never be alone and have a support system to fall back on.

My Job– I work for a very reputed software company and every time I tell people where I work, there is a pride in my eyes. As I said my work place is far, my work timings are longer than normal. I spend more than twelve hrs of the day outside. The struggle begins right in the morning to catch a bus/cab and why I call it a struggle because here supply is much less than the demand. This keeps me on my toes and always attentive. It’s like first come, first serve. I work as a part of pretty big team and to be one of the star candidates in the team really matters. Though people say that our work is not very intellectual and does not require a lot of mind play, I feel it is crucial, demanding and we produce substantial results. Every day I strive to do better, to make the work easier for others and also I make work place a happier place for my colleagues. I have learnt in my short stint of working in this corporate world is that, we can improvise every day. There is a huge villa from improvement :P, if you know what i mean.  When I’m not doing well on the personal side I run to office where it’s only work and fun with my peers and I forget all my worries. Most importantly, it makes me feel independent. 🙂

Teaching: Right from my school days I used to like teaching, when I was kid I would tie a sari and put tick marks in my note books. So to fulfill this little dream I became a part of a NGO which aimed at improving communication and math skills for kids in shelter homes. This is the only and only way I give back to this world. When I signed up for this initiative I felt it’s going to be cake walk. I had nothing to do on weekends and I thought you just have to teach basic English and math. How difficult can it get anyway. It was a shelter home for boys of age 7-12 years. The struggle started after entering the place. It was a small tattered one floor building, in very bad condition. There was no drainage system at all, and used to smell all the time. It was difficult for me to imagine that these little kids actually stayed there for years together. They would cook food, go to nearby school and on weekends try to learn from us. And teaching them made me realize how painful it can be to teach 2+2 to a person. But when I meet them, I feel my life is no less than a paradise. These little kids, inspire me, play holi with me, laugh at my PJs and teach me to be patient. Success has no shortcuts. Nowadays I love my life and live it to the fullest. What you and I have, many of them in this world even cannot dream of.

Books, Music, Calvin and I – The final set of things which add zest to my life are my novels, old Hindi tracks , slow jazz, Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strips and me myself. There are times when to rejuvenate myself, I just grab a bestselling novel, tune into a nice soothing song and get lost in my own world. Reading books is like travelling to where the author takes you. Every day morning I read Calvin and Hobbes without fail. It either makes me laugh or amazes me at Calvin’s thoughts. When I cannot tell what I feel, I write it. It gives me clarity what I really should do in a situation. One should learn to enjoy one’s own company to be happy in life.

Thank you Blogadda for making me write this post. I know I have not listed very happening things to do. But these little things make my life perfect. When I started writing this blog post, I was as usual low but gradually as I started penning down my thoughts I realized that I actually have much more than others and there are many more things to achieve before I go to sleep.


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