The agony of my broken shoe

Does it sound like a very errand topic to blog on? But these random and unimportant things are actually the most lovable experiences in our life.

On that note, if i ask how many of you have gone through the pain of broken shoe? I am guessing most of you have. This blog post is about my association with a broken shoe.

As of now i have 12 pairs of shoes, does it sound like a big number or am I still lagging behind in the competition, because i know so many friends of mine who have more pairs than me. My daddy says, even in my 59 years of life i have not bought so many pairs, but then how will men understand that for women, with a different pair of clothing there goes a different pair of shoes. 😀



It is not that i only and only and buy branded stuff, i do have a lot of street collection which lasts for 2-3 months depending on how much i use it and when i pay 200 for it, i know that is how much it is going to come for. So no complains. After all with our limited salaries we cannot afford every new design of catwalk or hush puppies. But the problem arises when the shoe breaks on a sunny afternoon, on the road with not a shop open, let alone a cobbler. I know it’s my fault, i mean i jump on water puddles with that poor little shoe in water, I drag it in mud and put it through every inconvenience. So at a very sudden point it gives up and without any heads up, it breaks.'It looks like Dutch Elm disease.'

So once, during my college days, i had my last final exam of my last year in college left. I was so excited that i hardly bothered what i wore and just sprang out of the door and started walking towards the bus stop. Half way through my shoe broke. I got nervous(thought it to be a bad omen) and started dragging my feet and kept limping till i found a cobbler. I could have instead gone back home and wore another pair but we don’t get these brilliant ideas when we panic. I somehow got it repaired, reached just before time and wrote my exam really well.  That sandal survived another two months before it left me. These are the times when i realized, how much we need people who can fix our shoes, it is definitely not an odd job. They are as good as doctors in our time of need.


Yet another incident happened on my way to work. I usually travel an hour before i reach office, and i was wearing a shoe which was in a pretty good shape. But at times it is as though god somewhere plays his evil tricks on us, just to have a laugh. The moment i got down from the cab, it broke. For a moment, i just looked up at the sky and thought, “really!!!, this is how you have fun”, anyways i would not be defeated so easy. Thankfully at that time i had made this new friend at office who used to pick me up sometimes from the bus stop on his way to office. But sadly i did not know him very well, and that just increased the embarrassment. But i knew hiding the broken shoe would not be easy, and hence i told him about it and he was kind enough to say, that lets go to a shop and buy a new pair(which he later admitted was just out of formality 😛 ).  And then out of frustration i actually threw those shoes on the road(a stupid act on my part to hide my embarrassment).  He kept looking at me and smiled slyly, at my stupid attitude problem. He did not say anything. He knew i was in enough distress. Anyways i walked into a very popular mall, barefoot. By then i was no longer scared of losing my prestige. I was at ease and i knew, i probably would not see those people in the mall again in the near future. I walked very confidently into a shoe shop, and even there i took an hour to select what i wanted. And i bought really expensive ones this time, after all I had had enough of buying cheap shoes. When i look back at these incidents i laugh at myself and my stupid acts.


These are a just a few incidents, which happened, there is a lot more embarrassment i went through. But now i guess it has taught how to be comfortable even in your most distressed phase. It has taught me that no one really cares if you are walking bare foot. They would laugh and forget it.

So, I still buy street wear and my fetish for shoes continues.


Picture courtesy:Google