Finding Fanny..A movie review.



I think the time for no masala and non commercial hindi movies has arrived. Bollywood is now growing up. Finding Fanny is a story set in a small village called Pocolim in Goa about finding Fredie’s(Naseerudin) long lost love, a pretty Goan named Fanny.  And the whole team of not so perfect broken people set out in the search of a girl whom no one else knows apart from Fredie. It is not a very organized story where you have a perfect start and end, but its like an episode from the lives of the characters.

It has an amazing cast, its been really time we saw legends like Pankaj Kapoor, Naseruddin Shah come together on stage. I must say Deepika, Arjun and our very hot Dimple Kapadia did a brilliant job.There is also a Cat which meets a bad end but brilliant acting by the cat too :P.

Every character is portraying a different trait of human kind. Naseerudin Shah is an old man, whose child like innocence just takes your heart away. He is so loving yet  so deperately searching for someone’s love. Dimple is an embodiment of strength, who has faced deceit, loss of family , yet is so compassionate towards every other person. She so simply proves, one who rocks the cradle, rules the world. Pankaj Kapoor is my favorite in the movie. He is like the most amazing artist. Acting is cakewalk for this man.Though he is shown as a gross, perverted old man, he makes the movie so colorful. Deepika, a young widow , trying to make the fullest of whatever she has. We normally would expect her to immersed in sorrow but she is a girl who takes charge to find love for a dear friend and so selflessly sets out on a strange journey. Her character tells us that if you lose people in your life, your life does not end , it goes on and you never know a miracle might be knocking on your door. And finally Arjun , our angry young man, who pretends to be a man of ego and arrogance , but yet is a very kind and sweet person from the within. There is not much to say about the story of movie but its only the beauty and simplicity of life and characters you need to look out for.  Sometimes movies mean more than entertainment.

I saw the movie in english and i must admit, i would have enjoyed it better had i seen it in hindi.  There is amazing goan music throughout the movie, which really suits the movie. It is slow, yet the effortless comedy keeps you going.Its not mainstream cinema.

We all must one day set out on a journey to find our fanny, and to find out they found her , go watch the movie :).




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