Zindagi gulzar hai!! A Pakistani Serial Review.

ZIndagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi Gulzar hai , yaha gamo ko paalna bekaar hai.

Zindagi gulzar hai, is one of the highest rated television shows in Pakistan and thanks to the movie khoobsurat which happens to be Fawad khan’s(the serial’s male protagonist) bollywood debut i was so blown by his greek god looks that i watched it for his sake. God bless that moment since not only does Fawad looks even more charming but i realized that Tv serials can be sensible. This review will be long, i had to do justice to 26 episodes for this amazing piece of work.

This serial is based on a novel and is by far one of the most insightful and beautiful stories i have seen on television. “Insightful” sounds like a wrong word for a TV serial, especially by the kind of reputation indian TV serials carry. But it indeed is a very neatly made, and no-nonsense type series. There are no vamps in this serial :P. These days almost everyone is only talking of the English serials like big bang, game of thrones , friends and an never ending list but i would recommend this one too.

It is a very simple tale of a girl Kashav who has seen the worst of the times, extreme poverty thanks to her father who chose to leave her mother and two other sisters and remarry in greed of a son. This resulted in immense hatred for her father which without her notice has become a hatred for men in general. If you are imagining a sight of a poor , gloomy household with illiteracy, and the mother sobbing to get her daughters married, then you are completely wrong. It is a poor home, but every wall is beaming with education and shinning with will power and liberating women.

Zaroon, (our fawad khan)  on the other hand belongs to a very elite family with royalty everywhere. But women in his household are so on the top, that there is more egoism than liberation. This has made him dislike liberated women and wishes that his wife always abides by him.

On one hand, Kashav forever holds God responsible for every problem of hers, and is pessimistic about everything and on the other , Zaroon is amazed at God’s beautiful creation called Life. Does this mismatch ever become a perfect match? Well if its an K serial, then may be Zaroon would have had a twin brother who would be kashav’s  last birth’s husband and zaroon’s sister would have been kashav’s sister husband’s girl friend(did i make sense, who cares, these serials don’t anyways), but thankfully, It’s a Z serial and not a K. So you can be rest assured that it will end at a proper note.

I know it sounds like a regular boring love story but you have to watch to know that it holds a lot of meaning. May be the leading Indian TV serial queen should be given homework to watch this serial. At least her serials will end before infinity and will make some sense. I also agree that this serial though has very strong willed dialogues, at times, it may get slow and boring .You can fast forward those scenes(especially the philosophy lectures):P. Every character is in this serial has a role, and is not meaninglessly on the screen. There is no wastage on expensive clothes or jewellery. Rather there is an investment on proper actors. Both kashav and Zaroon have flaws and that is what makes it more realistic. Though they are brilliant, very logical, they too have so many insecurities and trust issues. After all they are normal people like you and me, and not ideal aliens.

Life is beautiful, blossoming like a garden and is too short to complain and regret. There are things which are unattainable and you should let them go.  Zindagi sahi mein gulzar hai 🙂


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