God is a Gamer: Book Review

“Do not cause any harm to anyone intentionally, because remember God is watching. ”


God is a gamer, is yet another murder mystery from the Banker’s sack of stories. Ravi Subramanian’s latest book is a Bitcoin fiasco. It begins with the murder of senator Gillian Tan in US and straight from there it jumps to party in Goa where Tanya and Varun, are introduced in the plot and then meetings in a leading Bank and Gaming company in Mumbai are discussed where our other key characters : Swami, Malvika, Aditya and Sundeep are introduced. The book keeps shuffling in these places, carrying parallel stories of company politics, ravaging romance and a troubled investigation. I like it the way, all of them seamlessly and effortlessly integrated.

After Gillian Tan’s murder, you are transported to NYIB, a leading bank in Mumbai and how Malvika is playing petty politics and trying to show Swami her junior in poor light. Swami then like a little kid cribs about his bad boss to Aditya and Sundeep ; his ex colleagues at NYIB, who have gone ahead and started a online Gaming firm named, Indiscape. Then the scene is then shifted to Goa, where Tanya and Varun meet, make love and a drug raid happens in which Varun is caught. And parallelly some mysterious guy in US, is planning to loot an ATM.  To connect the dots, Varun turns out to be Aditya’s estranged son and Tanya is Malvika’s daughter. oh there is more, Aditya and Malvika also have a seen 😛 .Suddenly Malvika dies in suspicious circumstances, and Malvika’s involvement in money laundering and with the finance minister, makes her case a high profile investigation and her death a very probable one. Suddenly an ATM heist happens and millions of dollars are stolen in the US. Though the story is all serious and sad, a few drops of Varun and Tanya’s young romance makes life better.  But do good things last forever? As the story progresses, the prime suspects surfaces very easily,  and just when you feel you have cracked the mystery correctly, Boom, someone else turns out to be the murderer.

But you are not convinced, you continue reading and uncover the biggest masterminds of all time. But you then are left wondering if things really can fall so much into place and if a plan can be so full proof. But it was a classy revenge taken.

The book is definitely not boring, the author is indeed a good story teller, but the language in the book is too colloquial. But then thats with most of the new budding authors from Top B schools ;). His description of places and things at many places feels very fake and unnecessary. To quote one of them , Tanya buys a very expensive and branded bag  for her mom and the whole description makes the book look very made up. The build up the CBI and FBI give while announcing the guilty reminds me of those Hindi Reality shows while they are declaring the winner. 🙂

All said, its still gets 3/5 for me.
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