Roy!! What a waste of everything. (Movie Review)


Disclaimer: Please do not waste your money and time watching this movie. After wasting 3 hrs on the movie, i spent 1/2 hr writing this review to take out my frustration and inform my friends and readers not to watch the movie named “ROY”.

Roy, the so over hyped movie is not worth a penny!!. Seems like the director and the actors won a free trip to Malaysia and they were so bored that they made a movie. And hence the ugly script. The director possibly thought, if he takes good looking actors, shows some exotic locations, the story wont be required. It starts off nowhere, ends don’t know where. I watched it till the end with the hope that there will be some story, but was thoroughly disappointed.

What a waste of money, talent(Arjun , Ranbir , Anupam kher and our very own Byomkesh Bakshi (Rajit Kapur) 😛 ) and time. Ranbir(one of my primary reasons to watch the movie) was in a verbal coma and had a blank stare in whatever scenes he was present. The actors who could act were hardly doing anything in the movie, apart from talking meaningless philosophy, and poor Jacqueline who does not know how to act was given all dialogues which she delivered in her so non desi accent.

Anyways there is no mystery, there is no confession, there is only hype and of course there is no story. Just for the heck of dragging it for 3 hrs, both Arjun and Ranbir played the same role and the same story was repeated twice.

Few questions: Was Jaqueline having a double role? Did Ranbir Kapoor exist ? The director and script writer tried so hard that i could not make out one bit of anything.

PS: There is one good thing about the movie: The songs. Please listen to them here, watching the movie is not needed 😛


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