Piku !! A daughter’s story :). A movie review


Rating: 4/5

Shoojit sircar is back again with a heart warming story of Piku after Vicky Donor and is shot yet again in a Bengali household.

He has served you the Bengali family on a plate just the way it is. I could almost see my family on the screen. Loud, arrogant,  vehement , animated, fierce but yet so true to their heart.  There are scenes in the movie where we would not know if the family is fighting or talking to each other. 🙂 Advocating women empowerment is possibly our favourite topic and giving an opinion on every matter is our birth right, or rather we think its our responsibility .

The theme of the movie , is very carefully chosen and the message that you how much you need to care for your parents is well shared. Though for a major part of the movie we see Piku and her dad bickering on topics like potty( motion) 😛 , you would never for once doubt piku’s love for her dad. Piku so rightly says, “jab ma baap budey ho jaatey hai, unko zinda rakhna padta hai'(when your parents are old you have to keep them alive).


Amitabh’s brilliant presence on the screen will make you adore Bhaskor, though he is actually an annoying, senile and a old selfish father.  At times when Irfan tries to advise Amitabh on how to avoid constipation you would see effortless innocence in Amitabh’s eyes.

Every actor has been so true to their character. Special mention for Mousami chatterjee in a young vibrant maashi’s role. And Deepika, looked stunning, she can carry any piece of cloth.

Our generation i feel is already very connected to its roots and we appreciate every bit of our culture and no matter how much we rebel against our parents we still love them the most. This movie rightly potrays so.

Every aspect of the movie was carefully crafted and tailor made for any Bengali. And if you are not a bengali , but appreciate art, culture, streets of Kolkata, Deepika 😉  and Amitabh then its a must watch. You will come out of the theatre wondering, if Shit can actually be described with so many adjectives.


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