Tanu weds Manu Returns: Kangana steals the show twice


Tanu Weds Manu


After four years comes a sequel of the movie Tanu weds Manu  which  is still fresh in our minds and cherished by all . Seeing all the same actors at their best again was a real treat.

When i first saw the trailer i knew kangana is back with her brilliance after Queen. The movie begins with Tanu returning home from abroad alone, tired of her marital life which is no longer a bliss and a husband who is too slow and passive to her lifestyle. After all, how long can one runaway from one’s true selves. Manu who is so tortured by his marriage made in heaven that he reaches a mental asylum. And boom comes a message from Manu to Tanu, “I hate you Tanu”. Also follows court notices and divorce petitions and hence begins the battles of their egos.

An interesting addition to the movie’s cast is Chintu, who is a lawyer by profession but an unlawful tenant in Kangana’s house. And chintu is none other than Murari of Ranjhana. The same guy who said, “Tumhara pyaar na hua UPSC ka EXAM ho gaya, 10 saal ho gaye clear hi nahi ho raha”. He is popularly the “kandha” in the movie which is euphemism for a guy who gives his shoulder to a girl who is heart broken. Like liquid from pyaar ka punchnama but a ferocious one.

Admist world war between the husband and wife, enters kusum sangwa, a national athelete and is a look alike of Tanu. Kangana speaks fluent english in the movie but her haryanwi is unbeatable. And Manu falls for her, initially for her resemblance with his wife, and later also because she is like his wife. Did he like Kusum or just want another Tanu because he still likes Tanu? Now that’s like a life question, if you fall for a person just like your ex, is it because you still love your ex? Well may be the movie will answer it for you.

Adding colors to the movie are Raja awasti, Jassi and Payal in their own special way. The humor quotient of the movie is at its peak. Where women are shown as bold and independent they are also shown as nagging, cribbing wives and where men are shown as the calm and peaceful race, they are also shown as the confused and emotional husbands:P.

Well the review can go on and on with praises for the movie, but one last mention will be for the songs. My personal favorite : Banno tera swagger laage sexy 🙂 🙂




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