Stop worrying about semi broken crockery:Source #RewardMe

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When i saw the article as a part of blogadda activity, i immediately started searching for broken crockery at home, and my bad luck, my mom had disposed them off. Now i am trying to take out a handle from a cup or two 😛

Well this destructive idea popped up after i saw these awesome ideas on the article. We all have pieces of crockery at home which can no longer be used because it has a crack or has a handle missing. A few things which i think are feasible for me at least are the cup cake stands , jewellery holders and shelf decoration. They require no or very less work.

Though the cup light looks the most appealing, i do not have the required items to make it. But i really like the detailed instructions and someone who has the things can definitely give it a try. I have seen similar things on restaurants which are dim lit and want to give a different look. This idea is noted, and kept safe and will be implemented when i open a restaurant in Italy someday 🙂

Till now I used dry fruit boxes to keep my jewellery but using crockery will possibly enhance the look. We could also try to paint the mugs to make it bright looking. But since they are breakable we should still be careful.

Also another way to use damaged pieces of crockery, would be to keep it under the flower vase, and they will remain untouched so it would not break any further. Also they can be put under the small light weight flower pots so that the mud does not spill around.


If you have artists at home, or kids who like painting, a broken bowl could be used as a pallet for colours.  This will help to reuse the broken crockery and also prevent your good utensils from being spoiled. How many of us as kids had sincerely used a pallet when making our first water colours painting.  You could  also paint the crockery itself, to give it a new life.

A good idea will always help you think on many more ideas. I am sure by now you would have already started collecting your own broken pieces of crockery and started working on a fascinating one from the list.

The article was definitely a good thought and a resolution to a very common household problem. 🙂

PS: Broken crockery could be sharp, so please dispose if it cannot be used any further.

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