Swachh Bharat starts at Home.Source:Reward me

See if you can spot the cat in picture below: If you did not spot, lets clean up a bit 🙂


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The article https://www.rewardme.in/home/home-decor/article/5-simple-surprising-cleaning-tips-youll-love from rewardme really got me thinking, if cleaning my home or cupboard is really such a big task.


We are all talking and educating everyone of swachh Bharat but every single day we are overturning all the clothes in cupboard because we do not find that one shirt of kurta we want to wear. We are all scared of even opening our cupboard of clothes or books , worrying it may all fall on us(given that we dumped all of them there).

And trust me it takes preparation of mind to even plan to clean the cupboard. But the rewardme article suggests some really cool tips. Listen to your favourite songs and clean the rack. It really works. Tested and trusted.

If friends stay close by, they could all do a get together at some friends house and target cleaning it. But i am scared this idea might backfire and the place might get dirtier 😛

Another cool tip was keeping a recurring schedule for when you would clean your cupboard. This way you will have it at the back of your mind that you have do this task. Another awesome idea which i had read somewhere over the net is instead of stacking your clothes one over the other arrange in vertical fashion like below. Make proper compartments to divide your clothes. This way your cupboard is disturbed very less.


But the most important thing is to convince and push yourself to clean up. It is not a herculean task, but it actually requires a lot of thought if he home has to be set properly. Else interior designing would have never been a profession. We are all at least skilled enough to keep things at its right place and not disorganise things.

It can be a very good way to pass time 🙂 if you have had a fight with someone, or you want to kill somebody. It can be the such an engaging task that you can divert all your energies towards it. (I am kidding !! ).

But it can always be nice to reward yourself with an outing or a straight one day of watching some series after finishing the cleaning. This way mumma will be happy and will never nag you as to why you are watching so much TV 🙂

And one final tip could be to take out your clothes the day before. That way you will never be in a hurry and you can sleep those five minutes extra in the morning 🙂 if you are a girl then may be twenty minutes extra 😛

Tune in for a lot of such useful tips and tricks @ https://www.rewardme.in/home/home-decor 

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