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This is a post issued in public interest and for people who suffer from oily skin. 🙂

Oily skin is by far the most problematic situation, since it not only makes your skin looks greasy but is a reason for acne and clogging of pores. I have been fighting oily skin and pimples for many years now. When i was at school and college i did not bother much, i did everything which i should not have and should have actually taken care.

Any ways the damage was done and the only thing i would think or discuss was about how to get rid of pimples and oil from skin. If i would meet someone who shared my problem, the discussion would go on and on from doctors, lotions, medicines, creams to every herb in the world that we tried.

But all of it did not go in vain, the collective feedback did help. So i am going to share a few steps i took in the direction of oil free skin:

1. Drink water: It may sound  cliché but it is the most helpful tip. Water keeps your skin hydrated and clears your skin. I had pimples all over my face , my friend then suggested to drink water. I thought it was cake walk but when we actually boiled down to details i realised i drank only 1 ltr of water everyday. And you should not count other fluids intake. I have now increased it to 3.5 ltrs a day and trust me it was difficult. So keep a water alarm or whichever way suits you and drink water :(http://authoritynutrition.com/how-much-water-should-you-drink-per-day/).

2.Carrots and Beetroot: Yes these two vegetables help. And i would suggest do not make a juice if you can eat it directly. Juice removes the fibre. Beetroot will add a pinkish glow and carrot will help in removing blemishes, sun protection etc. Trust me on this, if not google it 🙂


3.Avoid creams: In fact if possible avoid applying anything on the skin, except something which is gel or water based. Creams usually clog your pores and can cause acne.  Avoid make up to a great extent. Believe that you are naturally very pretty. This was a confidence tip 🙂

4.Sun protection:  Though i might not be able to tell you the exact spf your sunscreen should have, but the bottom line will be to protect yourself from UV and avoid sun as much as possible. Sunlight will help in Vitamin D but is harmful for your skin.

5.Wash your face often: When i say wash, i mean wash it with a facewash(i use clean and clear) and not alone with water. The idea is to keep your face clean and as less oily and dust free.

6.The Hair connection: If you have dandruff, try to wash your hair often, its true that shampoos have chemicals, but given the accumulation of  dust, oil and dandruff is harmful for your skin and scalp. Just like we keep our face clean, hair also needs cleanliness. Most of us with oily skin avoid oiling hair, since we are scared even by the mention of the word oil. But your hair needs oiling too. But do tie it up so that there is no oil on your face because of it . Wash it after keeping it overnight.

7. Visit a dermatologist: we all have different skin types, different requirements, different sensitivities, hence it is definitely recommended you visit a dermatologist, and get his/her opinion.

8. Avoid oily Junk: Good things are hard to get, and one of the things you would have to give up is oily food, spicy junk and chocolates. They all heat your body,so either you should compensate by drinking lot of water or cut down on eating oily stuff.

Hope my post was helpful for all of them who are fighting oil-o-phobia. Though my skin type is still oily, i keep it as less oily as possible and my pimples have healed to a great extent.

Note: These are my personal tips and are not medically tested so if the beetroot does not make your skin glow, could be because you are already glowing 🙂


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You could get many such tips on : https://www.rewardme.in/beauty/skin-care.


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